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Updated loot filters for 3.8 Blight league

Posted: 09-04-2019 | Last updated: 09-04-2019

but won’t be able to test til later this month since I can’t play POE on my phone…

Lunaz’s lootfilter(s) for hoarders [3.5 always WIP]

Posted: 10-13-2018 | Last updated: 10-13-2018

I try to keep things pretty close to the original game colors, sorting by ilvl drops & map tiers.

I’m a hoarder so I still pick up wisdom scrolls at lvl 90 & most every rare, I have a strict version also that hides all but high base type rares, hides low currency.



fixed some stuff!
-stole neversink’s list of good cards + uniques, ty neversink!
-fixed some quest items not being colorful
-deleted pantheon map highlights since i forget them in 30 sec anyways

-removed corrupted item section, most of it was junk
-added a couple missing currencies
-lvl 18+ gems have border
-shelder items have xtra effects for ‘good’ bases
-so do uniques
-so do rares (updated)
-rare jewelery & belts ilvl 60+ has small map icon & beam
-got rid of most of the white craftable things cuz it was filling up my delve screens.
-delve/incursion/bestiary named mods are listed
-fixed the warbands section by mod name since they drop id’d now!
-added some good prophecy names with borders
-added scarabs & veiled items

-reorganized filter blocks & made some changes to good rare bases & crafting sections
-added beams to quest items cuz I forgot to pick up some on last character
-fated uniq bases have purple border

-updated for DELVE!
-redid map section
-QoL changes to reduce sounds & find currency in party play but hopefully *didn’t overdo the beams & icons!
-hi tier div cards have a beam

-fixed a bug where splinter of uul-NETul showed up like a net
-trying out the DisableDropSound thing

-maps that have pantheon upgrades have a blue background
-shaper/elder items are big with big sounds
-abyss belts are in the new base type, jewels are big
-added elder orb to the quest item section
-added “Net” to the high but not mirror currency section until further notice
-war of the atlas shaped maps have a pink border & different sound
-pre war of the atlas shaped maps still work the way they use to (like a map of x tier)
-warband magic items show at ilvl 75+ if you press show item key

-added Charan’s Sword to the new base type sections

12/8/17 ABYSS
-added section for divine vessel maps by tier
-updated chance bases
-added abyss items, shaper/elder items

-added some weapons to the good rare bases & hi craftables
-added new background color to maps that can be used with divine vessels including shaped (i tested it)
-expanded & colored possible warband (magic) drops to match each element (red blu green yellow)

-fixed bug with bows & sextants not showing sometimes….
-changed some sounds for different item types to be similar using sounds 2-16
-upped the ilvl of white craftables to 84+
-added new harbinger stuff

-Fixed a couple bugs with currency & essences not showing up haha. I decided to keep the leaguestones pink since they are corrupted anyway.

-redid the flask section since the high lvl & hybrid ones weren’t showing! 🙁
-renamed the breach filter to strict, same as the other one only it hides most rares & all low currency.
-fully linked items & 4L weapons & armor show all the time now cuz I started playing HC sometimes… 🙂
-high lvl ammy/ring/belt & new bases are easier to see
-added leaguestones in pink until further notice since i thought they were like sacrifice pieces not normal/magic items!! 🙁
-not sure what do do about relics yet since it wasn’t listed in the GGG post.

-added a BREACH DOMAIN filter! It hides all normal magic & most rares except ammys belts & rings. Still shows the sockets/maps/currency like the other filter.

-Updated it for the new Breach league, warbands are off by default gain, new base types show like regular items again,

-I changed the currency back to the default color since less white stuff shows.
Changed the 6 sockets & 5 links to look like chroms (6 links NEVER drop)

-Updated AGAIN! I think all the maps are working now.

-i got a bunch of the map tiers wrong, now they should be all right including shaped ones. Organized by low/mid/hi tiers (white/yellow/red)

-fixed some missing map sounds & added the new bases to show up in bigger font

-forgot to turn on the cards for challenges, fixed it 🙂

-fixed some typos in map names

-Updated again for Atlas, still in testing tho 🙂 I made some color changes & size changes, took off a couple sounds, may end up undoing it all later, but trying to keep away from rainbows 🙂 Also not sure about the essence drops yet but will probably put them in another currency category instead of default

-updated for prophecy with quality of life changes!

-updated for talismans 🙂

-fixed sounds for 6 sockets, fixed colors for warband drops, fixed sounds for good currency drops

-More updates! my IMPORTANT section is there cuz I’m looking for linked stuff in my colors all the time…

RELEASE 4/4/15
-highlights stuff I usually miss cuz I can’t see 🙂
-small chromatics
-20% quality
-currency with rarer stuff bigger
-fully linked stuff until end merc early maps
-4 linked 2 handed, bows, armors until end merc early maps
-5+ links & 6 sockets
-high lvl/tier base items for crafting
-flasks highlight high quality w/ sound, mid quality w/o sound, hide low lvl ones
-warbands blue items disabled by default
-chaos fodder, regal fodder, ilvl 80+ rares have white/yellow/red borders
-maps have white/yellow/red borders for low/mid/hi tier maps (1-6; 7-11; 12-16)
-cards have big font if it’s for the challenge
-lab items are green like quest items; offerings & keys are shown like map fragments
-2 x 4 rares have a dark purple background so it’s easy to skip those
-magic & white items are hidden unless really low or hi lvl