Diablo 2 Characters

Class Breakdown:

  • 37 ama
  • 2 asn
  • 46 bar
  • 3 dru
  • 21 nec
  • 25 pal
  • 69 sor

Level Breakdown

  • 46 level 80-85
  • 18 level 86-89
  • 9 level 90-99

Total Characters: 203

Duke Lunadinpal881.1313hammerdin
Countess OrbinBytch_XVIIsor691.1313orb/ts mf
King LunazGoneMFinbar681.1313find item
King LunazBOerbar671.1313battle orders
Queen LunazChantersor671.1313enchant
Duchess Lunazsor601.1313teleporter
Duke Gailpal891.1312hammerdin
Countess OrbinBytch_XVIsor721.1312Orb TS
Count oCc-MFbar681.1312WW & Find Item
Duchess FrenchRoastsor671.1312first mfer, got quest 🙁
Duke BattleOrderLunabar671.1312BO
Count PathOfExilenec591.1312golem ce
Duchess Lunazsor551.1312orb/static/tele
Duchess EnchantingLunasor521.1312enchant
Duke Lunasbar521.1312ww martel
Duchess Wraeclastama431.1312Javazon
Duke oCc-Lunazpal911.1311Hammers
Duke oCc-FindItembar711.1311WW & Find Item
Countess oCc-Magicsor701.1311Orb TS
Queen oCc-Firesor671.1311Enchant
King oCC-Ordersbar671.1311BO
Duchess oCc-Icesor671.1311Blizz Teleport
Duke Gailnec621.1311skelly+mage
Duke Palantirbar561.1311ww martel
Duchess oCc-Lunazama511.1311ballista with ga+ma
Isenhartbar301.1311no title, wears isenhart set
Duke oCc-Lunazpal631.1310Hammerdin
Countess oCc-MFsor611.1310Blizz Teleport
Duchess oCc-Firesor521.1310Enchant
Duke oCc-Crierbar511.1310BO
Queen oCc-Lunaama921.139LF #1 Zon
Duke oCc-Lunadinpal871.139Auras Respec to Hammers
Duke oCc-Lunasbar851.139Remake of LunazBarb after accidental D quest
Conquerer Embiggensor831.139Lightningy
King oCc-Lunamancernec821.139CE+Skelly respec to CE+Golem #8 nec
Conquerer Lunassor811.139Blizz
Duchess oCc-LunazPortinsor801.139Blizz Teleport
Conquerer LunazBarbbar791.139Mace WW Boer Converted to xpac
Conquerer Gailama761.139LF Javazon
Conquerer HolyLunapal751.139Hammerdin
Conquerer D-ohpal751.139Hammerdin
Duchess oCc-LunazStaticsor741.139Max Static Orb Hydra. Died at D after BO went outy
Countess OrbinBytch_XVsor731.139Orb static TS #1 countess Sorc
Conquerer Boo-urnssor731.139Lightning remake
Conquerer Cromulentbar711.139Warcry
Duchess oCc-Arrowama701.139Bow MS/Strafe/GA
Conquerer Okely-Dokelydru681.139Hurricane, Oak
Duke PotFinderpal641.139Holy shock boss killer.
Respec to might Hammerdin.
Respec to FOH
Queen teh-enchanterersor521.139Enchanter. Went down the cs tp instead of main charactery
Queen teh-enchanterersor521.139Enchanter
King teh-boererbar511.139BO
Duke oCc-Shoutbar501.139Warcry
Duke Lunasbar881.138Mace WW #7 bar. Died to lag rushing in a4.y
Queen Lunazama851.138LF Javazon #2 ama
Duchess Lunaz_IIama751.138Respec to Poison Javazon, strafe/ga still sucks,
immo/fa is boring! 🙁 #10 ama
Countess Gailsor701.138Orb MFer
Queen LunazFiresor541.138Enchanter
King LunazBarbbar541.138Boer
Duchess BeamMeUpLunasor431.138CS Teleporter only if I have to
LunazFuryama341.138LF Javazon
Patriarch LunasNecronec861.136Skelly, amp, ce, dv
Matriarch ArrowLunaama861.136Bows still suck ass! 🙁
Duchess Gailama801.136Javazon #6 ama
Duke LunasFurybar711.136WW Lancer
Countess OrbinBytch_XIVsor681.136Orb static mfer
Duke LunazBOerbar671.136BO
Duchess LunazFiresor671.136Enchantress
Destroyer LunasBOerbar541.136BO
Destroyer LunazFreezinAsssor531.136Blizz MFer
Destroyer LunazFiresor531.136Enchantress
Queen Lunazama851.125LF, #10-16(forgot) ama at end of season.
Duke PallyLunapal741.125Hammerdin for emergenices and hell MF.
Countess OrbinBytch_XIIsor711.125Orb static mfer
King HolyLunapal711.125Conviction, Sanctuary, Meditation
Guardian OrbinBytch_XIIIsor691.125Blizz MFer
Guardian BOBandybar661.125BO
Guardian Lunasama631.125Javazon
Destroyer lunaenchantedsor611.125Enchantress
Duchess Lunaz-IIama601.125LF/PJ Hybrid
King smellylunabar521.125BO
Queen lunachantedsor521.125Enchantress
Duchess Lunaportedsor431.125Disposable teleporter with not enough FC
Patriarch DeadLunanec861.114Amp/CE/Skellys
Duchess LunazFuryama841.114LF, #7 ama
Conqueror LunaSorcsor811.114Blizz MFer
Champion teh-mferersor811.114Blizz mfer
Matriarch phpama801.114Javazon
Conqueror LunaNecronec751.114Skelly/CE
Guardian LunaBarbIVbar751.114BO
King NecroLunanec751.114Skelly/CE #28 nec
Countess Lunassor721.114Orb MFer #2 Countess
Duke PallyLunapal681.114Hammerdin
Champion Lunadinpal681.114Zeal/Fanat
Patriarch ALT-FIVbar661.114BO
Matriarch LunazFiresor651.114Enchantress
Champion LunaZonama641.114Strafe/FA
Conqueror SorcLunasor611.114Enchantress
Duchess Lunazsor561.114Enchantress
King BarbLunabar511.114BO
Duchess LunaBlizzsor511.114Blizz Meph killer died teleporting cs.y
Destroyer LunaJavaama401.114Javazon
Destroyer fireLunasor371.114FB/Meteor
Guardian lunanecronec901.113Skelly/amp/ce
Guardian teh-boererbar901.113BO
Queen Lunazfuryama881.113lf, cs: went down cs tp instead of bo tp,
didn’t notice till dead.
#2 ama @ time of death.
Duke necrolunanec871.113Skelly/lr/ce, #6 nec
guardian zonlunaama861.113hybrid bow/jav
Guardian barblunabar851.113sword/mf
king assertion-errorbar841.113snap, #25 bar
Queen lunazfuryiiiama841.113lf remake, #14 ama
Guardian druidlunadru841.113oak sage
Guardian lunasorcsor831.113orb tele
Matriarch sc-lunasor831.113lightning build
Guardian LunaBlizzsor821.113Blizz mfery
Duchess lunazfuryIIama821.113poison javazon
Guardian lunazonama821.113strafe/ga/decoy slowazon
Duke palalunapal821.113Hammerdin
Patriarch uberlunapal801.113smite/zeal
Conqueror teh-enchanterersor781.113Enchantress
Countess OrbinBytch_Xisor741.113orb/static, #2 Countess overall, #1 Countess alive.
Duchess arrowlunaama731.113speeder ga/ms
King holylunapal691.113conviction, sancturay, meditation
Champion lunaznec641.113skelly, amp, ce
Queen teh_enchanterersor631.113Enchantress
Queen magiclunasor591.113orb/fball
Duchess arrowlunaiiama571.113fa
Duke deadlunanec571.113bone spirit, armor
Duke holylunapal561.113convic aura boy 🙁 wtb green outfit.
king teh_boererbar561.113BO
Champion undeadlunanec521.113skelly, amp, ce
Destroyer shadowlunaasn441.113lightning/ds trapper
Guardian LunaNecroZnec911.102Skelly/dv/ce
Duke LunaBarbZbar861.1021h zerker
Guardian OrbinBytch_IXsor811.102Orb, made to tele.
Matriarch LunasFuryama801.102Javazon
Patriarch LunasKnightpal801.102Hammerdin
Champion Lunaciclesor801.102Glacial Spike
Champion Lunazgameholderbar741.102BO
Countess LunaSorcZsor721.102MF orber
Duchess LunaZonZama711.102ms hs flayer bossy
Countess LunaZonZama701.102Remake (strafe)
Conqueror frog-legsbar611.102BO
Conqueror birds-beakssor601.102Enchantress
Gaynesssor541.102No title, nova
Duke LunaBarbZbar511.1022h zerker, might cursed champs & bosspacky
Duchess lunazfiresor501.102Enchantress
Duke ricea-ronibar481.102BO
Duchess pasta-ronisor451.102Enchantress
King suxnec921.101Skellys/ce/lr, #1 nec
Guardian LunaSorcXIsor901.101Blizz mfer
guardian LunaNecroXnec871.101Died getting minions @ Pindle’s place.y
King Furypal871.101Hammerdin
Conqueror Fury_IIama851.101Remade javazon
Guardian LunaZonXama831.101None needed, strafe. 🙁
Guardian LunaNecroXnec811.101dv/skelly/ce
Guardian LunaSorcXsor811.101Orb hydra, max block.
Duchess Lunyama801.101Javazon
Duke LunasBarbIIIbar801.101Remade pole barb
King ALT-FIVbar801.101Snap barb, ww, sucks.
Queen LunaZonIIama801.101Strafe, sucks sucks & sucks, even w/ enchant.
Queen OrbinBytch_VIsor801.101MF orber, max icebolt.
Queen OrbinBytch_Viisor781.101Backup sorc, max cm, cursed might doom knights otw to cs.y
Destroyer Stapledpal771.101Hammerdin, succubi pack at wsk.y
Guardian BO-Pleasebar741.101BO boy
Duke LunasKnightIIIpal731.101Holy Freeze zealot
Guardian LunaSorcXsor731.101NM ancients fe bug, Max res & BO are useless.y
Destroyer LunaZonXIama721.101Cursed gloams in hell, 1hk again.y
King LunasBarbIIbar711.101Pole barb w/ woestave, death sash/glove, eye
greyform & gob toes. Mage boss in rof.
Duke ConvictedLunapal701.101Conviction/FOH
Duke LunasBarbbar701.101Warcry
Duke MightBeHelpfulpal701.101Might thorns &, fanat aura boy
Duchess LunasMSLEsor691.101CB/Static
Conqueror LunaSinXasn641.101Lightning traps, boring.
Conqueror Ejaculationsor571.101Enchantress
Queen Enchant-Plssor551.101Enchantress
King BO-Plsbar541.101BO boy
Duke Lunafullofbsnec511.101bspear/spirit, died while getting enchanter,
merc brought some friends from outside.
Count LunazGladiatorbar361.101PVP barb, was fighting a 42 barb originally,
he didn’t kill me, so he got his 72 sorc friend
& she killed me after I dodged a couple orbs.
LunasBonernec271.101Remake of bone nec
Guardian LunaZonama991.090MS/GA/FA, Buriza & Cruel Mat with 1 shael
Guardian LunaNecromancernec911.090#9 nec on 1st LOD ladder (was lv 90 then),
pkd by a hacker during 1.10s1
Queen OrbinBytch_IIsor891.090Orb/Static, #12 sor at time of deathy
Guardian LunaOwnzJooama881.090LF/GA/MS, Titans & Eaglehorn
Queen goddamn_lagsor881.090Nova/Orb
Guardian LunasFiresor871.090Hydra/TS/Orb, mf/rusher
Queen LunasLagBltchama871.090Javazon
King LunasBarbbar851.090Can get lv 30 BO, Bonesnap rusher
Baron Necromancer-SCnec841.090bg/im, lr/bs
Guardian LunaSwordShieldbar831.090Died dueling in 1.10y
Baroness LunazFukinSorcsor821.090Nova/Orb
Queen OrbinBytch_IVsor821.090Max block, 85 fire/lit, 70% fc. BOOYAH!
Conqueror LunasBouncerbar811.090Warpike + IAS gear + ww & zerk = suck.
King Lunadinpal811.090Hammerdins suck in cows, but are good in a4. 🙂
Guardian LunazSmasheddru801.090Buriza wolf
King LunasBarb_IIbar801.090Lancer, MF
Queen LunazFiresor801.090FW/orb mfer died rushing.y
Conqueror of_guardianznec791.090Lv 3x PN/BS/LR.
Guardian LunasKnight_IIpal751.090Zealot
Duchess LunaZon_IIama731.090MS/GA/FA &, 130 bow.
Duke LunazGladiatorbar721.090S/S, likes to go 2handed, SUCKS in CS.
died csin 1.10 solo
Duchess LunazFire_IIsor681.090Iratha’s, SOJ’s, Ward= 85% res all in hell,
Twitch for max block, 70% fcr.
Hydra/orb. Was tanking D at 65 w/ BO
Duke LunasKnightpal621.090Hammerdin
Duchess Dexazon-HCama511.090Dexazon…