Realms of Hyrule

**Updates 11/03/07:** Site has been recoded in XHTML 1.0 Strict, CSS has been validated. Some 7 year old bugs have been fixed!

**Updates 6/24/05:** The search bar on the roh pages works now. It's a google 'I'm Feeling Lucky' searchbox.

**Updates 4/07/05:** New fanart added by Zeldadude70. Also, I've been playing alot of World of Warcraft lately and thought this quest line (duh, spoiler...) looked pretty familiar...

Here's some shots from it:

Faded Photograph
Secret to Everybody

**Updates 12/24/04:** Updated the fanart section with a new pic by Juan T. Search function still not working, I guess google hasn't bothered to index me yet. I'll leave it up tho and hope it starts workin soon. :) Also want to wish everyone a merry Christmas and happy New Year! Be safe, don't drink and drive or I'll yell at you...

**Updates 11/16/04:** I'm forgetting stuff already. added rpgclassics to the links page and found 5 2 year old fanarts hidden in my c/unzipped folder :(. Hope I got credits right.

**Updates 11/11/04:** Site's been moved (duh) and updated to make navigation easer for everyone (me included). I got rid of as many tables as I could and converted to CSS. If there's any bugs anywhere, please let me know, I'm still learning. The following was changed:

* Added link in cdi section
* Added 2 Hyrule Field midis to the remix section, updated
* Broke tricks\_and\_cheats and codes section down and made a new section for each game: cc#.html.
* Moved credits, feedback, toons, and midi page links to main menu.
* Moved credits and feedback files to top dir
* Added/removed dead or not updated links from links page and throughout the site. If the link was for a credit, i left the name there. If you want to be relinked or have changed URLs, let me know and i'll be happy to readd.
* Deleted About Me section, the RoH ICQ List, Awards section, Gallery section, Other section. This was to save space and make it make sense. :) The fan stuff is unchanged.
* Added google search box to each page. It does 'I'm Feeling Lucky' search on (may take time to work)
* Did spellcheck, there were lots of errors. Probably still are.


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