Walkthru part 4

After the short story sequence look around on the island you are 
standing on and find a plaque that talks about shooting into the 
morning sun.  Use the Song of the Sun to make it night, then wait 
until dawn and shoot an arrow into the rising sun.  A fire arrow 
will drop down onto the island across the water from you.  Go get 
it.  Now go to Kakariko Village using whatever method you like and 
as you walk in, you'll see...we'll I'll let you see for yourself.  
Sheik will teach you the Nocturne of Shadow here.  Use it to warp 
to the entrance of the Shadow Temple.  Go in the cave behind you 
and you'll see a ton of unlit torches.  Stand on the platform in 
the middle and use Din's Fire to light all the torches 
simultaneously and open the gate to the Shadow Temple.

Shadow Temple:
If you haven't already gotten it, go back to the Quest for Truth 
section and get the Lens of Truth.  You need it for this level.  
Go down the hall and turn the corner, use the hookshot to get 
across the pit, and you'll see a wall in front of you.  Walk 
through it.  Immediately turn left and follow the wall two face 
tiles down and walk through the wall again (use the Lens in any 
area to see where the walls can be walked through).  Now go 
through the hall and door and go through another wall to come to a 
room that seems to have no exit (but we know better right?)  As 
soon as you enter head right and follow the wall until you find an 
opening (use lens if you want).  Go through the door behind it and 
then play the Song of the Sun to stun the zombie and kill it, then 
hunt down and kill the two bats.  Get the chest that appears for 
the Dungeon Map.

Now go back out and head right following the wall to an opening 
behind a walk-through wall with a pot on either side of it.  Keep 
going down this tunnel and you'll end up in a room that looks the 
same as the last one.  The opening to go through next is in the 
corner on the right with a pot beside it.  Go through the door 
there and you'll face Dead Hand, which is the same guy that you 
killed to get the Lens of Truth in the bottom of the well.  After 
this easy kill, a chest with the Hover Boots will appear.  Snatch 
your prize then go all the way back through to the first big room 
that had the statue in the middle of it.
Use your Lens and look at the skulls on the pillars around the 
circle, and see which one does NOT disappear with the lens.  Now 
walk up to the tab sticking out of the side of the base of the 
statue and push the statue until the tab you are pushing is 
pointing toward the skull that didn't disappear.  Don't stop 
pushing until it gets there or you'll fall in a pit.  Now put on 
your hover boots and walk across the pit to the tongue-looking 
platform and go in the door and down the ramp.  Kill the laser eye 
in the middle of the next room by throwing two bombs at it, then 
stand in the middle of the round platform it was on and play the 
Song of Storms for a Big Fairy (Big Faeries heal both life and 
magic but can NOT be captured into a bottle.  Also note that all 
you have to do is leave the room and come back in and you can get 
it again.).  Go through the wall on your right, kill the mummies 
(stun them with Song of Sun if need be) and get the chest 
containing the compass.

Exit back to the eye laser room and go straight through the wall 
on the other side.  You'll end up in a big room with two Deaths 
swinging giant scythes around the room (it's not enemies, it's 
just a giant statue).  Avoiding the blades, grab all the silver 
rupees in the room.  Note that one is on a platform that has a 
hookshot target on the wall above it, so use the hookshot to get 
to it.  Now go through the alcove it opened and get the small key.  
Return to the eye laser room and use a bomb to blast open the 
remaining wall leading North.  Go through the locked door.  In 
this next passage watch for round small shadows on the ground.  
They are Skulltulas waiting to drop on you.  Kill the three 
Skulltulas and drop down the ledge ahead and you'll be facing some 
dropping blades.  Dodge the first blade, kill the Skulltula, then 
go past the second and keep following the tunnel.  Now you'll be 
in a huge room.  Take off the Hover boots if you're using them, 
otherwise you might slide into a blade.  Jump over the pit, dodge 
the blade and jump over the next pit, dodge the second blade and 
jump over the pit, and just before the third blade watch out for a 
flaming skull to try to get you.  Kill it then dodge the final 

Now on this island you'll have to kill a Stalfos.  Once he's dead, 
play the Song of Storms in the middle of the island for a Big 
Faerie.  Put your Hover Boots on. Facing away from the last 
falling blade, turn left and use your lens to see an invisible 
platform.  Hover on over it and the next platform, turn right, and 
hover on over to the door there.  Go through and use your lens to 
see the big spinning scythes thing.  Kill the Shield-eater and 
look on the walls to find 3 bats to kill.  Kill them and the door 
will open.  Go through it to kill a gold skulltula, open a chest 
for  some rupees, and open the invisible chest using the lens for 
some arrows.  (Yes, that was just for two stupid treasures and a 
gold skulltula but I didn't want people complaining that I'd 
missed some treasures).  Now head back out and hover back to where 
the Stalfos was.  You can use the Song of Storms for another Big 
Faerie now if you want.
Wait until the platform in front of you falls and hover forward as 
far as you can go to land on it (it's farther than it looks).  
Then wait for it's highest point (you'll have to time it) and 
hover over to the next big island.  Collect all the silver rupees 
here (there's on inside that eye laser thing so kill it) and go 
through the door that opens.  Follow this passage to a room with 
falling spikes.  Use your lens and look at the right hand wall to 
see a movable block.  Pull it out onto the face tile and then push 
it in front of you and it will keep the spikes from hitting you.  
Once it's on the second face tile walk around and start pulling it 
until it's on the third face tile.  The treasure box in the cage 
to the right has arrows.  Climb up on to your block now and 
hover/hop to the ledge on your left.   Now wait until the spiked 
platform lowers and walk over it to get to the platform on  the 
other side of the room.  The treasure box has rupees, but more 
importantly the yellow switch makes a new treasure box appear on 
the other side of the room.  Hover there using the spike platform 
as before and get the small key.  Leave this room back to the big 

Now look at the left hand corner of the platform you are on (the 
one furthest corner from you) and you'll see a small rock ramp.  
Use it to get to a platform with a falling blade.  Use your lens 
to see the ledges behind the blade, then dodge and hover to the 
platforms and finally to the locked door on the wall.  In this 
room use your lens to see the invisible spikes on the floor.  Kill 
the two zombies and a rupee chest will appear.  Now to get all the 
silver coins here, hookshot to the hookshot targets on the wall.  
To get the last one, use your lens to see an invisible hookshot 
target above an invisible platform.  Hookshot up and hover walk 
off the platform to get it.  Once you have them all a door will 
open, go through it.  In this room kill all the bats to reopen the 
blocked door that shut behind you.  Climb up the steps and pick a 
bomb plant then toss it into the hole in the top of the giant 
skull to blow it up and get the small key it drops.  Go back into 
the last room.  Use your lens and look on the ceiling above the 
raised platform for an invisible hookshot target.  Use it to get 
on the platform and go through the locked door.
Now I know this sounds weird but, put on your Iron Boots.  This 
will keep the fans in the tunnel ahead from blowing you away.  
Make your way through the tunnel until you come to a pit.  Watch 
the fan on the other side of the pit and as soon as it stops 
blowing, equip the hover boots, walk across, and then reequip the 
iron boots.  Drop down off the ledge and walk across the bridge to 
the door.  You can kill the eye above the door that's shooting 
fire at you by hitting it with an arrow while the eye is open.  In 
this small room kill the two zombies to reopen the door, play the 
Song of the Sun (not storms) in the middle of the room for a Big 
Faerie, open the invisible chest for some arrows, use z-targeting 
and Navi on the face for a hint, then leave.  Use your lens to see 
a hole in the right wall, then stand even with it.  Look at the 
fan behind you and when it stops, turn around and equip the hover 
boots.  Stand on the side of the bridge closest to the fan.  Watch 
closely and when you start moving from the fan run across to the 
opening in the wall.  The fan helps blow you across.  Go through 
the door.

As soon as you walk in this room, look to your right and there's a 
pile of dirt there.  Blow it up with a bomb, then use your Lens to 
see the invisible chest containing a key.  Kill the two mummies 
for another rupee chest and go through the locked door.  Once 
you're through this door turn left and go to the movable block.  
Pull it onto the path of green bricks and then pull/push it onto 
the face tile under the ladder on the opposite side.  Climb up 
onto it and go up the ladder.  Hop over onto the ship, stand on 
the Triforce symbol, and play Zelda's Lullaby.  As the ship moves 
you'll have to fight two Stalfos.  When the ship completes it's 
journey, whether or not you're done with the Stalfos, it will 
start sinking.   Jump off to the left (if you're facing the front 
of the ship) onto the platform there before it sinks.  Go through 
the door that's on the platform.
This next room has 4 doors at North, South, East and West (you 
came in the East door) and is a small maze of invisible walls.  
It's inhabited with those hand things like from the Forest Temple.  
Use your lens to navigate it.  The West room contains three giant 
rotating skull heads that give you some rupees and a gold 
skulltula.  The South room contains an invisible hand monster (use 
Lens of course) and a chest that appears once it's dead containing 
a small key.  The North room contains two spiked walls that close 
in on you to kill you.  Use Din's Fire to burn down the walls and 
recover the Boss Key and some rupees.  Once you get the Boss Key 
and small key, return to the room where the ship dropped you off 
(through the East door).
As soon as you're back in this room, look up and to your right to 
see a high platform.  If you have the Scarecrow's Song you can 
play it to get Pierre to appear up there and then Longshot to him 
to get across.  If not, go to the other end of the platform and 
look over to a large statue and some bomb plants.  Shoot one of 
the bomb plants with an arrow to blow them up and make the statue 
fall over the gap creating a bridge.  Once you're over go through 
the locked door.  Use the Lens and Hover Boots to walk over the 
gaps and invisible platforms and go through the Boss Door.  Make 
sure you're still wearing the Hover Boots and fall down the hole 
in the middle of the room to face...

Shadow Temple Boss:  Bongo Bongo
This boss is easy if you know how to do it.  Stand far away from 
the hands.  Z-target one of them and fire off a regular arrow.  It 
will turn blue.  Then Z-Target the other and hit it with an arrow.  
Now as soon as it also turns blue, turn on your Lens and, push B 
once to take out your sword, then hold down B to start a spin 
slash charging.  Wait until Bongo Bongo's eye is close enough and 
let the spin go.  Start slashing it with the sword until it 
retreats.  Then repeat until he dies.  With the Big Goron's sword 
he should die fairly quickly.  Grab the Heart Container and step 
into the blue light to get out of this tricky dungeon.

Gerudo Fortress:
After the story sequence get out on the field and summon Epona 
with Epona's Song.  Ride to the West and enter the Gerudo Valley 
area.  If you speed her up enough Epona can jump over the broken 
bridge in the beginning of this area.  If you talk to the man 
there (he's the boss of the carpenters, the guy you give the 
Poacher's Saw to in Adult Link's Trading Sequence in section 4), 
he will explain that his carpenters are in the fortress.  Continue 
on to the fortress right ahead.  Let one of the guards see you and 
you'll be thrown in a cell.  Now look up and notice the overhang 
of your window.  Hookshot to it.  Then fall down to ground level 
and go through the door right next to you.  Follow the corridor 
and you'll come to a cell.  Talk to the guy in the cell (the first 
carpenter) and you'll be attacked from behind by a Gerudo guard.  
I personally just Z-targeted and blocked her first attack and then 
wailed on her by holding forward and pushing B using Big Goron's 
sword.  Also shooting her with arrows works well.  There's 
probably plenty of good techniques for this fight.  You have to 
watch out though because one of the attacks she has will knock you 
down and you'll end up back in your cell.
Once she's gone she'll drop a key so use it to free the first 
carpenter.  Now continue on past the cell and go outside again.  
Turn left and go in the door.  Turn right in at the corner of this 
hallway and you'll see the head of a guard poking out over a box.  
Shoot it with an arrow.  Walk to where she was and turn to look 
down the next hall.  From there shoot down the two guards in the 
next room.  Go in the room (there's a Big Faerie that can be 
summoned using Song of Storm near the stove) and go up the ramp on 
the far side to an exit.  When you are outside again turn right 
and drop down and go through the door that's there.  Now just 
stand in the doorway with an arrow cocked and in a few seconds a 
guard will walk by, so shoot her.  Now go right, left, right and 
you'll be at the second carpenter's cell.  Talk to him, fight 
another guard, and free him.

Go back out where you came in and drop down one level.  Turn left, 
climb up some vines, and go through the door that's straight ahead 
of you (NOT the one to the left).  This is the third carpenter's 
room.  Same process.  Once he's rescued, go back out the door you 
came in.  Shoot the three guards that are wandering around outside 
and drop down to ground level.  Turn left and go into the door 
furthest left, the one right before the Gerudo in white clothes 
(Don't worry about her, she's not a guard she just lets you into 
the Training Center later.)  Follow this hall down to the fourth 
and final carpenter and go through the same process to free him.  
Now that he's free a Gerudo will talk to you and since you are so 
skilled, you will get a membership card that lets you wander 
around the fortress all you want and participate in the activities 
it has to offer.  Also, the bridge will now be fixed.  Explore the 
fortress and try the various games and what not.  Don't bother 
with the Training Ground because you can't get through it without 
the Silver Gauntlet.

Desert Colossus:
Once you're done having fun in Gerudo Fortress, head for the big 
gate.  Climb up the ladder next to it and talk to the girl there 
to get it opened.  Walk out into the desert.  In front of you will 
be a river of sand.  Put on your hover boots to cross it.  Then, 
follow the flags.  This is much easier to do during the day, so if 
it's night use the Song of the Sun to make it day.  After the 
first flag or two you'll notice a little sign.  If you follow the 
direction the sign is pointing you'll end up on a flying carpet 
talking to a weird guy that sells Bombchu's for 200 rupees (rip 
off!).  Keep following the flags until you get to a stone 
structure.  Walk up the side of it and read the plaque up there.  
Then activate your Lens of Truth to see a ghost.  Follow him 
closely as he wanders seemingly aimlessly around the desert.  You 
might have to fight off a couple of desert critters.  Eventually 
you'll end up at the Desert Colossus.
Turn right first off and look for two pine trees next to a wall 
with a crack on it.  Blow open the crack to find the 5th Great 
Faerie and get Nayru's Love.  Also on the other side of this area 
is a sand pit with some palm trees around it and a small rock 
nearby.  Make it night with the Song of the Sun and kill the gold 
skulltula on one of the palm trees first, then stand on the rock 
and play the Song of Storms to fill the sand pit with water and it 
will become a faerie pond.  Fill your bottles with the faeries if 
you need to.  Now walk in the front door of the Spirit Temple.  
Immediately walk back out.  Sheik will appear and teach you the 
Requiem of Spirit.  Play the Prelude of Light to warp to the 
Temple of Time, replace the Master Sword to turn into young Link, 
then play the new Requiem of Spirit to warp back to the Desert 
Colossus.  Enter the Spirit Temple.

Spirit Temple Part 1, Young Link:
Go up the stairs and turn left.  Talk to the person there.  When 
asked what you want, say Nothing, Really, and when asked if you 
like Gannondorf say no, and then you'll be asked to go get a 
treasure.  Crawl through the hole, kill the bats and statue guy, 
and then light a Deku stick with one of the torches.  Go through 
the right hand door and light the torches in there.  Then go back 
and go through the other door.  You'll have to fight a Stalfos 
here (boy they're much tougher and scarier when young Link aren't 
they?) and also a flaming green skull (stun it with your boomerang 
and then hit it with your slingshot).  Now throw your boomerang to 
the left of the shock switch across the pit from you.  If you aim 
right it will swing around behind the fence and hit it.  Then the 
fence will fall down forming a bridge.  Cross the bridge, watch 
out for the flying pots, and go through the next door (the chest 
is 5 rupees or a Deku Shield if you lost yours).
In this room walk along the bridge until you're just before the 
spike thing and then use Din's Fire to fry the guy.  Just so you 
know, these guys copy all your movements, except in reverse.  
Technically you can lure it into a pillar of fire that appears 
when you hit the shock switch nearby, but it's easier to just fry 
them.  There's nothing on the other side of the bridge, so just go 
through the next door.  Open the treasure chest here for a key and 
collect all the silver rupees to make a bridge.  Now go back into 
the first room again and this time climb through the small hole 
(not the one you came in through, the one between the two 
torches).  Go through the locked door.  Kill the skulltulas and 
climb up the wall.

Now you're on floor 2.  Go in the room a ways and you'll have to 
fight two of those lizard guard guys.  Use your boomerang to hit 
the shock switch above you and open the chests that appear.  One 
has Bombchu's in it, the other a Deku Shield or 5 rupees.  Aim a 
Bombchu so it climbs up the wall and hits the boulder up there.  
This will open the doorway.  Go through and look to your left.  
Push the stone statue you see straight off the ledge onto a 
switch.  Climb the steps in front of you to get to a torch and a 
door.  Light a Deku stick with the torch, drop down, and light the 
two torches in front of the big statue to get the Map.  Go back to 
the small statue, climb the wall, and go up the steps again, this 
time going through the door.  Go around to the next door, and 
you're now in another silver rupee-collecting room.  You'll have 
to kill the laser eye guys with bombs or bombchu's to get up to 
most of them.  After getting them all a torch will light.  Use it 
to light the other torches to get a chest with a key.  Now move 
those blocks in the middle of the room around until the one with 
the sun symbol on it is in the sunlight coming in from the window.  
Go through the door that opened, up the stairs, and into the next 
room.  Go up to that big metal thing sitting in the throne and hit 
it with your sword.  Now you'll be up against an Iron Knuckle.
This guy isn't all that tough.  If you get hit though, you're in 
for some serious pain.  Just Z-target and go to right outside his 
attack range.  Then Jump attack (push A) and you'll get off a good 
hit and the swing he takes at you will miss.  Back off and then do 
it again.  If he hits a pillar it will give up 3 hearts.  You can 
also try getting in behind him when he misses a swing if you're 
good.  After a bunch of hits he'll be dead.  Go through the door 
that opens and up a ramp and you'll end up...outside.  Open the 
chest there to get the Silver Gauntlets.  Watch the story sequence 
then play the Prelude of Light to go to the Temple of Time.  Get 
the Mater Sword to become adult Link.  Now you have a choice 
between continuing the Spirit Temple or using your new Silver 
Gauntlets to go get the Ice Arrows in the Gerudo Training Ground.  
If you want to continue the Spirit Temple skip down to Spirit 

Temple part 2, adult Link below.
Gerudo Training Ground
Go to Gerudo Fortress and talk to the lady in white clothing 
outside a blocked door.  Pay her 10 rupees to get into the 
training grounds.  Once you're inside, turn right and go inside 
the lion's mouth.  Quickly kill all the enemies in this room to 
get a key.  Go through the door that became unblocked.  Equip your 
hover boots.  This part may take some practice and you have to be 
quick.  I've been told that if you play the Song of Time two blue 
blocks will appear that will make it a little easier to navigate.  
Hover over to the platform to your left.  Then on to the one with 
the switch.  Step on the switch, hover back over to the previous 
platform, continue on to the one in front of you (that still has a 
silver rupee on it), then turn left and hover to the middle 
platform, then continue in that direction to the platform with the 
silver rupee.  Immediately turn around and hover back to the 
middle one, then on to the next one with the silver rupee.  Use 
your hookshot on the target above the high door to reach the last 
rupee and open the blocked door.  Hover over to it and go through.  
Take off your hover boots now.  Stand on the red tile and play the 
Song of Time, then put on Iron Boots and drop down.
Once at the bottom, kill the clams with your hookshot and start 
collecting silver rupees.  For some of them, you'll have to stand 
under it and then hookshot to one of the hookshot targets on the 
wall.  You'll have to aim right so that you'll hit the rupee on 
the way up.  Try standing almost right under the rupee.  You can 
also try taking off your boots and swimming to it but you'll be 
swept around by the current.  The highest one is too high to use 
the hookshot targets so you'll just have to swim around the 
ceiling to get it.  Be careful to avoid the middle of the ceiling 
or you'll be swept up and have to put the Iron Boots back on in 
order to get back down.  Once you've gotten them all, float up to 
the surface and get the small key that's now there.  Go back 
through the door.

Back in the lava room, use the hookshot on the torch by the high 
door to get up there.  Go through this door.  If you kill the 
enemies in this room you'll get some arrows.  Take out your hammer 
and start smashing all the statues around the walls.  One of them 
has a switch under it.  Step on it to remove the fire pillar and 
get the small key.  Another has a gold eye on the wall behind it.  
Shoot the eye to unblock another door.  Go through this new door.
In this room you have to stand on the side and shoot the eyes of 
the 4 statues.  You have to do it in one pass, if you miss one 
you'll have to do them all again.  Once you do the room will stop 
rotating and a chest will appear.  Shoot the chest with your 
hookshot to get over to it.  Another key.  Now use your hookshot 
on the target on the wall to get back up.   Go back and make your 
way back to the first room.  If you're low on health or magic, go 
stand in between the two pillars where Navi turns green and play 
the Song of Storms for a Big Faerie.
Now go through the lion head on the opposite side of the room.  In 
the first room kill the two Stalfos, get the fifth key, then go 
through the next door.  In this room, take the first left, then go 
left again and grab the rupee.  Turn around, go up the hill 
(you'll probably be smacked by a boulder on the way up) to the 
very top for another one.  Now go back down and a ways and take a 
left.  Turn right and you'll see a rupee floating in front of you.  
Jump off the ledge to get it.  Walk forward a bit, look up and 
hookshot to the target above you for another rupee.  Turn around, 
take a right, take another right, and another right for the last 
rupee.  Turn around, go up the hill, take the left, then turn 
right and use the hookshot target on the ceiling to get over the 
flame.  Go through the door.

In this room if you kill all the wolves you'll get some arrows.  
The door is fake, you can blow it up with a bomb or hammer.  Use 
your Lens of Truth and look above the door to see a secret hole in 
the wall and a hookshot target.  Hookshot up there, step on the 
switch, and go through the door.  Follow the path around to 
another door and a small key.  Now go back to the room with the 
fake door and there's also a big gray block there.  With your new 
Silver Gauntlets from the Spirit Temple push the block forward 
until it falls down, then go through the door.  Kill the Shield-
eater's here and you'll get some chests with rupees in them (one 
has 200 rupees).  If you open the chest on the pedestal you'll get 
frozen.  Mash buttons to break out of the ice.  Use your Lens and 
find the invisible chest in one of the little holes that the 
Shield-eater's were in.  Open it for the 7th key.  Now go all the 
way back to the first room again, and go through the Lion's mouth 
that's straight across from the entrance.  Take the right hand 
door and the next door after that.  Go down the corridor on your 
right to get another key.  Go back and this time go through the 
other locked door and in this room, use your Lens and look at the 
ceiling to find a secret hole.  Climb up it via the fence and get 
a key up there.  Now just keep going through unlocking all the 
doors on that path and you'll get the Ice Arrows.

Spirit Temple Part 2, Adult Link:
Play the Requiem of Spirit to warp to the entrance of the Shadow 
Temple and go on in.  Go up the stairs and to the right is a big 
gray block.  Push it until it falls down and go into the next 
room.  Kill the eye laser thing and shoot the shock switch in the 
ceiling with an arrow.  Go through the door on the left.  Kill the 
wolves and play Zelda's Lullaby on the Triforce symbol to make a 
chest appear.  Hookshot to the chest to get a Compass. Go back and 
now go through the door on the right.  Collect all the silver 
rupees in this next room.  Use you Hover Boots to get the one 
floating in the air.  Go through the door that opens.  Watch out 
for the Shield-eater and get a small key from the box.  Go back to 
the room with the shock switch on the ceiling and go through the 
locked door.

Watch out for flying pots and a Shield-eater that falls from the 
ceiling in this hallway.  Climb the wall and use your Lens to see 
an invisible hand monster.  Kill it, then use one of the wood 
poles sticking out of the statue to push it around to the third 
sun symbol from the left, opening the doorway.  Go through it and 
you're back in that giant statue room.  This time the small statue 
next to you is alive so watch it.  Now climb up the stairs and use 
your hookshot on the small treasure chest across the way from you.  
Use your hammer on the switch to open the door on the ground 
level.  Go through this door, push the blocks out of your way, and 
hammer down the switch at the end to make a moving block for easy 
access between this room and the entrance room.  Go back to the 
big statue room and use your hookshot on the hookshot target above 
the door you came in from originally (as adult Link) to get access 
to the stairs again.  Climb up the stairs and jump onto the 
statue's hand with the Triforce symbol on it.  Play Zelda's 
Lullaby to make a chest appear in the statue's other hand.  If 
you've got good aim you can hookshot to it, or just drop down and 
climb the other stairs to jump over to it.  Inside is a key.  
Climb up the stairs where you came in and go through the locked 

Kill the eye laser thing with a bombchu, then go through the next 
door and kill that eye laser thing with a bombchu (it will go down 
the wall, across the floor, and up the other wall to get it).  
Kill the weird floating guys with fire arrows or try luring them 
into the fire that appears when you step on the switch.  Go 
through the door that opens.  Ignore the statues and go stand next 
to the closed door to your right.  Equip normal arrows and fire 
one at the statue furthest from you.  As it moves toward you it 
will step on the blue switch which opens the door, so quickly go 
through it.  Go up the stairs (there's invisible chests in here 
with hearts in them) and through the door.  You'll have to fight 
another Iron Knuckle.  This time is a little different since 
you're now older Link.  If you use the Big Goron's Sword you can 
stab by pushing forward+A and then quickly retreat to get in hits 
before he hits you.  Using this sword will kill him in a lot less 
hits then it took young Link to kill him with.  If you don't have 
the Big Goron's Sword wait until after he's done swinging his axe 
and then hit him.  Once he's dead go through the door to end up 
outside, and this time the chest holds the Mirror Shield.
Go back inside and down the stairs to the room with the four 
statues.  Stand in the sunlight and use your Mirror Shield to 
reflect the light on to the sun symbol on the wall.  Go through 
the door that opened and get the key from the chest.  Go back out 
of this room and then take the door to your right back to the room 
where those weird floating guys were.  Go through the locked door 
here.  Kill the two eye laser things with Z-targeting and a couple 
of Bombchu's (BTW your new Mirror Shield can now block their 
lasers!).  Shoot down the skulltula halfway up the wall.  Now aim 
your hookshot at the climbable section of wall at the very top and 
fire it.  You'll be pulled up to the top climbable section rather 
than having to navigate this moving wall.  At the top you have two 
more eye laser things to kill then go through the door.  Play 
Zelda's Lullaby on the Triforce symbol to open the door in front 
of you, then go through it.  All the doors in this room are fake.  
Blow up the one just to the left of the chest to reveal a gold 
eye.  Shoot it and another block of ice will appear above you.  
There's a hookshot target on the ceiling above it to use that to 
get up onto the new ice block, then jump over and step on the 
switch.  Drop down and get the Boss Key, then exit the room.
Turn right and go through the door.  Watch out for flying pots, 
and hit the switch behind the grating with a spin slash.  Go 
through the door that opens and kill all the baddies in this room.  
You can use the Mirror Shield to reflect the light onto a sun 
symbol above the archway between the two sections of this room to 
get some bombs.  Blow open the wall to the statue's right then 
push it around so the light shines down the new passageway.  Go 
down there and push the second statue so the light shines back 
into the previous room through the grating.  Now go back into that 
room, drop down to the floor and stand in the light.  Reflect it 
onto the sun symbol on the wall with your Mirror Shield and you 
will be taken down to the big statue room again.  Stand on the 
side of the platform furthest from the statue (but make sure 
you're still standing in the light), hold your Z trigger for a 
second to get the camera focused on the statue's face, then let go 
and use your Mirror Shield to reflect the light on to the statue's 
face.  The face will crumble off and a grate will be behind it.  
Hookshot to the grate and go through the Boss door behind it.  
Watch the short story sequence and you'll have to fight a third 
Iron Knuckle.  This one is bigger though.  First Z-target him and 
get fairly close.  Then wait for him to start to swing his axe.  
Immediately push Back+A to do a backflip, then push A again as 
soon as you land to do a Jump Slash and nail him when his defense 
is down.  Then just wait for him to come close and start another 
swing and do it again.  Once he's gone, watch another story 
sequence then go through the door behind the throne.  Go down the 
hall, through the door, and climb up onto the big square platform.  
Step in the middle of the platform to initiate the battle with...

Spirit Temple Boss:  Twinrova
First, jump onto one of the 4 side platforms and face toward the 
big platform in the middle.  Keep facing toward the general 
direction of the witches.  Do NOT Z-target.  When one of them 
looks like she's about to fire, face her and hold down your shield 
button.  Her beam will reflect off of the shield.  Try to direct 
it at the other witch by moving the shield.  If they fly over and 
start hovering above your platform, jump to the middle platform 
and reflect the attack, then jump back onto your platform.  After 
you've gotten them to hit each other enough times, they'll combine 
into a more powerful (but much less ugly) Twinrova.  Jump back to 
the main platform.  Z-target her and hold down your shield button.  
Your shield will absorb her attacks!  After three of the same type 
(fire or ice) it will fire back at her.  She'll fall down to a 
platform.  Let off your Z targeting, get over to her platform 
(Hover Boots may be useful here) and let her have it with the 
sword.  Then get back to the main platform and repeat the process.  
NOTE:  If she fires an attack of the opposite kind of what your 
shield is absorbing (an ice attack when you previously absorbed a 
fire attack) just dodge, don't try to absorb it, otherwise you'll 
get hurt enough to lose 10 hearts!!  Watch the somewhat funny 
death scene, grab the heart container, and step into the blue 

Final Preparations:
After the story sequence you're back at the Desert Colossus.  Use 
the Prelude of Light to go to the Temple of Time.  Another, very 
informative story sequence follows in which you get the Light 
Arrows.  Now, go around Hyrule and finish up all your unfinished 
business.  Get all the remaining heart container pieces, complete 
the trading sequences, kill gold skulltulas you've missed, catch 
all the 10 Big Poes, catch a huge fish, and try all the cool 
tricks in the Tips, Tricks, and Secrets section below.  Get 
everything you can out of this awesome game, because the next step 
is the final level, Gannon's Castle.  When you're ready, make sure 
you have at least 1 blue potion (found in the weird potion shop 
behind the regular potion shop in Kakariko Village) and some 
faeries and head to Gannon's Castle.  Walk up the steps and a 
bridge will be formed for you.  Head into the castle

Gannon's Castle:
Walk down the hall, past the two eye laser things (just run past 
them) and through the door.  Now turn right and follow the outside 
wall until you find the door with the purple Shadow Temple emblem 
above it (look on your Quest Status subscreen if you need to 
compare).  Go through that door, look to your left for a platform 
with a small chest on it.  Hookshot to it.  Put on your Hover 
Boots.  Now aim across the way at a small platform with a torch on 
it, and use a Fire Arrow to light the torch.  Quickly run across 
the blocks that appear, past the shield-eater and on to the next 
platform after it.  You won't have time to make it to the next 
block so don't try.  Instead, use your Lens to see an invisible 
walkway.  Take the right-hand walk way and jump down to the 
platform with the switch on it.  Step on the switch to make a big 
treasure box appear.  Use your hookshot on the treasure box to get 
up to it and you'll get the Gold Gauntlets.  Now take the left 
invisible path to a switch.  Hit it with your hammer, then go back 
and take the right path again to the door.  Go through it and 
shoot the floating ball thing with a Light arrow.  You'll be 
transported back to the main room.  Go back to the main door you 
came in through and leave the castle.  When you are outside go 
across the bridge and loop around to your left.  You'll run under 
a stone arch and go down a passageway to a huge stone pillar.  
Pick it up using your A button and go through the cave behind it.  
Use Zelda's Lullaby to summon the faerie and get double defense.  
Now head back into the castle and into the main room.
Now that you have the Golden Gauntlets it doesn't matter what 
order you get rid of the barriers.  So just head right and go 
through the first door, the one with the green emblem (Forest 
Barrier).  Kill the wolf, then use Din's Fire to light all the 
torches.  Look above the doorway and there's another torch, so 
light it with a Fire Arrow and go through the door.  Make sure you 
have your Hover Boots equipped in this next room.  First, wait 
until the fan to your left is going and then walk toward it to get 
the silver rupee, then turn right and the fan will help blow you 
across to the next platform.  Hover over to the next small 
platform with the switch on it and step on it.  Turn around and 
use your hookshot to get up onto the platform and get the silver 
rupee you couldn't reach before.  Turn toward the middle of the 
room and Z-target and toss a bomb at the eye laser thing.  Hover 
over to it's platform then across to another silver rupee.  Hover 
back to the eye laser thing's platform and forward to the one 
under the door.  Now wait until the fan to the right of the door 
stops blowing then hover across to the last silver rupee.  Go 
through the door and shoot the floating ball with a Light arrow to 
be warped back to the main room.

Head right again and go through the next door, the Water Barrier.  
Empty one of your bottles (NOT a blue potion) and use it to get 
some magic blue flame from the center of the room.  Walk around 
the room to find the two ice statues and kill them to unblock the 
door.  Melt the ice blocking the door with the blue flame, then 
refill the bottle with more blue flame.  Go through the door.  In 
this room, push the ice block furthest from you right, then back 
(toward the door you came in through) so that it falls down the 
hole.  Then push the other block right, forward, and finally left 
so that it ends up in the nook in the wall.  Climb up it and use 
the blue fire to melt the ice.  Smash the switch with the hammer 
then go through the next door.  Kill the floating ball thing with 
a Light arrow and you're back in the main room again.
Continue to the right, past the Shadow Barrier door since you 
already beat it, and on to the Fire Barrier door.  Equip your 
Hover Boots and Goron's Tunic.  Collect all the silver coins in 
the room.  Watch out because most of the platforms sink in the 
lava while you're standing on them so keep moving.  There's one on 
the platform with the rotating fire-breathing statue and one just 
to the right on a block.  Further down on the left there's a big 
pillar.  Lift it with your Golden Gauntlets to reveal another one.  
Then the last two are on the far right side of the room.  After 
you've grabbed the last one get close enough to the door so that 
you can hookshot to the hookshot target next to it.  Go through 
and kill the floating ball thing with a Light arrow and warp back 
to the main room.

Once again heading right, move the pillar out of the way of the 
door to the Light Barrier.  In the first room, use the Lens or 
just Z-targeting to kill the 4 bats and big skulltula in the room.  
Get the key in the chest that appears and go through the locked 
door.  Use Zelda's Lullaby in the next room for another key and go 
through the locked door.  Now you're in another collect silver 
rupees room.  There's 2 in nooks on the outer wall, two in the 
structure in the middle, and one on the ceiling you can get with 
the hookshot.  Go through the door and...the ball thing is 
missing!  But not really.  Go straight through the wall in front 
of you and you'll be in the real room with the ball thing.  
Destroy it and warp back.

On to the final door, the Spirit Barrier.  In the first room, once 
again collect silver rupees.  Blow up the eye laser thing with two 
bombs or bombchu's.  Just roll attack (forward+A) through the 
spikes to get most of them.  Don't forget the one floating in the 
middle of the room - hookshot to the ceiling to get it.  Go 
through the door and kill the torch slugs.  Use a spin slash to 
trigger the first shock switch, which makes a chest drop 
containing Bombchu's.  Use a bombchu on the fence to have it climb 
up the fence, go through the hole up there, then climb down the 
other side to finally blow up the second shock switch (good use 
for a bomchu eh?).  Go through the door now and through an 
entryway to a room with some sun symbols on the wall.  Shoot the 
hole in the ceiling with a Fire Arrow to let in the sunlight.  Use 
your Mirror Shield to reflect it onto the symbol just to the right 
of the entryway (NOT the doorway!) to unblock the door.  Go on to 
the final floating ball thing.  Kill it with a Light Arrow.
Now leave Gannon's Castle to stock up.  Use the Great Faerie's 
fountain to heal your life and magic.  Make sure you have at least 
1 blue or green potion because you may need it to refill magic 
during the final battle.  Fill the rest with faeries.  Also be 
sure you have a full quiver of at least 40 arrows.  Now go back 
into Gannon's Castle and go into the tower in the middle of the 
room.  Go up the stairs and through the door.  Now you'll just 
have to keep killing all the enemies in the room to unblock the 
next door, then go through and up more stairs.  About halfway up 
you'll find the Boss Key in a chest surrounded by fire that you 
need to kill all the enemies in the room to get to.  Evantually 
you'll also have to fight two Iron Knuckles at the same time.  
Don't worry though they're slow enough you can just work on one at 
a time.  Remember to wait until they get close enough to swing, 
then backflip with back+A, then push A again when you land for a 
jump slash.  Once you've climbed enough stairs you'll end up in a 
huge room with a giant pillar in the middle of it and pots 
everywhere.  Don't break any pots, you'll need them later.  Find 
the other door and go through it and up a huge flight of stairs.  
You'll pop in on a small story sequence when you go through  the 
door the top.  Afterwords you'll face the big guy himself, the 
Evil King....

The Final Boss:  Gannondorf
Immediately put on your Hover Boots and run to one of the corners 
of the room.  Now face Gannondorf, tap Z to center the camera, and 
wait until he throws a ball of lightning at you.  Remember Phantom 
Gannon?  Hit the ball to reflect it back at him and be ready for 
when he knocks it back at you.  Keep hitting it until it hits him.  
He'll be stunned for a second, so take this opportunity to shoot 
him with a Light Arrow.  Turn run over to his platform, Z-target, 
and wail on him with your sword.  When he gets back up quickly run 
back to your corner.  If you fall off, break the pots to get some 
life/magic/etc. and then use the Longshot on the side of the 
middle pillar to quickly get back up.  Then as soon as you climb 
over the top, turn to face the nearest corner, tap Z to center the 
camera, and run over to it before he knocks you back off again.  
After a while he'll try a more powerful attack.  When you see him 
start gathering a big dark ball of energy above his head, hold 
down B to start charging a spin attack.  When he lets it go it 
will fire 4 lighting balls at you.  Release the spin attack to 
reflect all 4 back at him.  Then he'll be stunned like a regular 
one and you can use the Light Arrow and sword on him.  Eventually 
you'll defeat him.  I'm not going to give away the rest of the 
game after this, but if you get stuck, here are some hints:  1) 
Take off those Hover Boots! 2) Follow instructions, and be quick 
about it 3) If you're looking for a weak spot, try the tail 3) 
What Light Arrows can't kill, they can stun 4) If you didn't get 
the Big Goron's sword, you may need the Megaton Hammer.   Enjoy 
the ending of this awesome game!