Walkthru part 3

Forest Temple:
First thing to do, is in the very first room, the entryway with 
the trees and the wolves, is climb up the vines on the right wall 
and then jump from tree to tree to get the small chest up on the 
left wall containing a small key.  Now enter the temple.  Kill the 
giant Skulltula in this hallway (it only takes 1 regular hit now 
with Adult Link's more powerful Master Sword) and enter the Big 
Room.  You'll see some ghosts making off with some torch flames.  
Now go straight forward and enter the door up the stairs on the 
other side.  They'll be a blue flaming skull here.  Z target it 
and use your shield (R button) until it runs into your shield.  
That will get rid of it's blue flame.  Then just take it out with 
your sword.  Go through the next room and you'll be in the Lower 
Stalfos room.  It's a large round room that contains two of the 
toughest enemies you've yet faced, the skeletal Stalfos.  Using a 
combination of Z targeting, effective use of your shield, side 
jumps, and backflips, and some good ol' slashes and jump slashes 
you should be able to take them out with a bit of practice.  
Remember that you can't block their jump attack so if they do one, 
backflip (back+A) to avoid it then counterstrike.  One good thing 
is that for the most part the one you aren't focused on leaves you 
alone.  Once these guys are toast, you'll be rewarded with a 
second small key.  Kill the pots in the room and one should 
contain a life-giving faerie.

Now return to the Big Room.  Go to your right to a small corridor 
with a blue block in it.  Play the Song of Time to get rid of the 
block and go through.  This room, the West Plant Room, contains 
some man eating plants that are much tougher than previous ones.  
Make your way to the vine-covered wall to your right.  Kill 
whatever skulltulas you can reach with your hookshot and climb up 
the right side of the vines...you'll have to make you way up 
slowly and try to avoid the skulltula that is left.  Remember that 
if it doesn't see you it can't get you.  If you have to, when it 
comes at you push A to drop down and then grab back on and try 
again.  Once you make it into the alcove with the doorway go in 
the door and kill the annoying blue flaming skull.  You'll be 
rewarded with the dungeon map.  Go through the next door and 
you'll find yourself on a balcony.  Notice that the balcony next 
to you has a gray circle icon above the doorway.  Use your 
hookshot and shoot that gray icon thing to fly over to the other 
balcony.  Step on the switch in there then kill the skulltula with 
your hookshot and use the vines to climb down.  Make your way to 
the well you saw get drained and climb down it.  Run down this 
corridor to the other side and open the chest there to get your 
third small key.

Now climb up the vines and you'll be back in the West Plant Room.  
Go out the door you came in and you'll find yourself back in the 
Big Room.  Go through the locked door to your right.  Kill the 
skulltula and go through the door in the small hallway.  In the 
next room, which I refer to as the block puzzle room, climb up the 
two ladders and then follow the yellow arrows on the floor to walk 
around until you hit the back of the blue movable block.  Push it 
until it's even with the hallway going the other way, then back up 
and go up the ladder you passed while pushing it.  Up here go 
around until you meet a second movable block.  Push this one until 
it stops moving, then go back, take a left, and fall off the ledge 
to fall back down to where the first block was.  When you bump 
into it push it as far as it will go, then loop around to the 
other side of it and push it as far as it will go again.  It will 
fall down slightly and you'll get that tone telling you solved a 
secret.  Now climb up the block and then climb up the wall next to 
it and you'll bump into the second block again...push this one as 
far as it will go then climb it and the wall behind it.  Follow 
the passageway around to a ladder and climb up it, then keep going 
and you'll see a locked door.  Go through and you'll find yourself 
in the West Twisted Hallway.

Follow the twisted hallway until you reach the West Twisted Room.  
Watch out for hands falling from the ceiling and hop across the 
stones to another locked door.  Go through it and you'll be in the 
west stairway.  Climb down the stairs and enter the Upper Stalfos 
Room.  You've got a tough battle here.  Kill the first Stalfos 
while avoid the pit and then two more will come after you.  Unlike 
the previous two, with these two if you kill one and take too long 
killing the other, the first one will come back!  Don't panic, 
keep your head, and I hope you put some faeries in your bottles 
from the forest meadow maze earlier!  The reward for this tough 
battle is the awesome Bow.  Now take your new bow and go BACK 
(yes, back, not forward) to the stairway you entered from.  You 
should have seen a red ghost laughing at you right?  Well, as soon 
as you got close she disappeared.  This time shoot her with your 
arrow before you get close enough to make her disappear.  If you 
get her in all three pictures she'll fight you.  She's just like 
the composer brothers in the graveyard.  Just keep blocking her 
attack until she appears and then letter have it with a jump 
slash.  When she's dead you'll have recovered the first flame from 
the Poe Sisters and you'll be rewarded with a small key.
Now go back into the Upper Stalfos Room and go out the other door.  
Here you'll face the blue Poe Sister.  Deal with her the same as 
the red one and get the compass as reward.  You need another key 
before you can go on, so go BACK again through the Upper Stalfos 
Room, past the West Stairway, back through the West Twisted Room 
and West Twisted Hallway and finally you'll find yourself back at 
the end of the block puzzle room.  Above the doorway to the West 
Twisted Hallway is a gray eye.  Shoot it with your arrow and the 
hallway will straighten.  Now go through the hall way to the 
Twisted Room and you'll be at a different angle now.  This time, 
drop to the floor and open the gold chest to get the Boss key, 
then drop down the hole in the floor.  Kill the flaming blue 
skulls in this room and go out the door.  Now you're on the 
balcony of the West Plant Room.  Walk along the balcony and enter 
the door on your right to get to a room with a very tough Living 
Hand monster.  Remember to kill all it's parts quickly when it 
splits or it will join back together.  You'll get the second small 
key you need.

Go out the door, take a right and go through that door.  You're 
back in the block puzzle room.  Make your way up to the door to 
the West Twisted Hallway and shoot the gray eye again to turn it 
back into a twisted hallway.  Go through the Hallway, the Twisted 
Room, the West Stairway, the Upper Stalfos Room, and finally the 
East Stairway ending with a locked door.  Go through this locked 
door and you're in the East Twisted Room.  Hang a right and you'll 
be in the East Twisted Hallway (which is currently straight).  
Kill these Green Flaming Skulls the same as the blue ones - Z 
Target and hold down R and walk into them, then kill with sword.  
They're easier then the blue ones.  Go through the locked door at 
the end of the hallway and you'll be in a rotating blocks room.  
Jump on one of the blocks and aim your arrow toward the frozen eye 
that's on one wall.  Wait until the torch in the middle of the 
room is between you and they eye and then fire your arrow.  The 
arrow will fly through the torch's flame, light on fire, then hit 
the eye, melt the ice, and activate the eye (cool, ain't it?).  
Believe it or not since Adult Link doesn't get to use Deku Sticks 
you'll have to light torches and stuff using this method instead.  
Kind of tricky but cool nonetheless.

Now the Hallway will be twisted so go back through it.  Fall down 
the hole in the bottom of the Twisted Room and you'll be in the 
falling ceiling room.  To your right is a small hall and door that 
leads to the balcony of the East Plant Room.  Don't bother the 
only thing there is a small chest containing a heart.  Instead, 
wait until the ceiling falls and as it's rising again run to the 
small yellow switch along the right wall.  Stand on it and stay on 
it until the ceiling falls and you won't get hurt.  Then run to 
the square just left of the small treasure chest when the ceiling 
rises again.  Get the treasure (some arrows) and wait for the 
ceiling to fall.  Then run through the door to the picture puzzle 
room.  Shoot the picture on the wall with an arrow to get the 
puzzle going.  You then have to push blocks around until they 
match the picture on the wall (look at the top of the blocks and 
ignore the pictures on their sides).  One of the blocks is a 
nonsense block and is just there to confuse you.  If you don't 
make it in time the blocks will rotate to a new configuration and 
you'll be given a bit more time.  Keep trying, eventually it 
should give you enough time to do it.  Once you get the picture 
you'll have to fight the green Poe Sister.  Knock her around to 
get back the green flame and then go through the door.  Kill the 
skulltula and go through the next door and you're back in the Big 

Jump over the fence and fight the final Poe Sister.  She'll split 
up into 4 ghosts.  Watch carefully, after they split, one of them 
will do a quick 360 spin and the others won't.  The one that spins 
is the real one.  Shoot her with an arrow using Z targeting.  Once 
she's dead the tile in the middle of the floor will become an 
elevator.  Ride it down to the Revolving Room.  This one took me a 
while to figure out.  Stand at the right of one of the rig rock 
platforms sticking out of the wall and push A to grab it, then 
push.  After a while of pushing the room will rotate.  Go through 
any opening and step on switches, get treasures, and kill monsters 
until finally the room rotates around to the now opened hallway 
leading to the Boss Room (remember to keep rotating it the same 
way by always standing to the right of the block when pushing).  
Now go through the Boss door and climb the stairs, then walk over 
the Triforce symbol and then try to go back out.  Your way will be 
blocked and you'll now be facing...

Forest Temple Boss:  Phantom Gannon
Phantom Gannon has two phases.  In the first phase, he rides into 
a picture and then two of him rides back.  One of them is fake.  
You can tell which one is fake because the fake one rides slightly 
to the left of the path in the picture, and the real one rides 
slightly to the right.  Stand in the middle of the room with an 
arrow ready to fire and rotate around scanning the pictures.  When 
one of the pictures has Phantom start coming back out of the 
picture (a bunch of purple light will appear) fire an arrow at him 
right away.  If you hit him he'll retreat and you can do it again.  
If you miss he'll zap you for a big time hurt.  After you've done 
this 3 times he'll lose the horse and start flying around the room 
shooting bolts at you.  You'll quickly notice that you can block 
the bolts but you can't seem to hurt him at all.  If you've played 
A Link to the Past, remember the evil wizard Aghanihm?  Well, next 
time Phantom Gannon shoots a bolt at you, hit it with your sword 
to shoot it back at him.  HOWEVER, watch out as he might hit it 
back at you again!  So be ready to hit it again if it comes flying 
back to you.  Sometimes you'll hit it back and forth like 10 times 
before it finally gets him.  The more times it bounces back and 
forth the more it hurt too.  When it does hit him he'll fall to 
the ground.  Take this opportunity to give it to him with a jump 
slash from your sword.  Then he'll fly back up again.  The more 
times the bolt bounced before hitting him the longer he'll be on 
the ground.  Keep doing this until he dies.  Sometimes when he's 
almost dead he'll fly toward you with a super powerful spear stab.  
Try to dodge it if you can, you can't block it.  Also, remember to 
stay far away from him when he's firing bolts because it will make 
it easier to hit them back at him.  Once he's dead you'll get a 
message from the real Gannondorf.  Grab your heart container and 
get out of the temple via the blue light.

Quest for Truth:
After a revealing story sequence you'll be in the Deku Tree's 
meadow.  Leave Kokiri forest and if you have your horse, you can 
summon her with Epona's Song.  Now this next section tells how to 
get the Lens of Truth and the Mask of Truth.  You don't need to do 
this at this time, but since you CAN do it now, I thought I'd put 
it here.  If you don't want to do it yet, skip on to the section 
called Goron City Revisited.  First, if you don't have the Song of 
Storms yet, go to Kakariko and talk to the guy in the windmill and 
show him your Ocarina.  Now, head to Hyrule Castle and go into the 
Temple of Time's Master Sword room.  Sheik will be there and will 
teach you the Prelude of Light (very handy).  Now walk up to the 
pedestal and push A to return the Master Sword and warp back to 
being young Link.  Leave the Market.  At this time, the man 
running around Hyrule Field will finally appear.  Use him to 
complete Young Link's Trading Sequence (See section 3) and get the 
Mask of Truth.  Now go into Kakariko Village and enter the 
windmill.  Play the Song of Storms for the music guy and the well 
will drain.  Climb down the well and walk into the passageway 
ahead of you and you're now in the Bottom of the Well level.

Bottom of the Well:
This level is nasty.  So, after 2 hours of mapping it out, I've 
found a way to get to the Lens of Truth very quickly.  There are a 
bunch of treasures scattered in this level but they are almost all 
WORTHLESS!  Most of them are a single Deku nut.  I'm going to tell 
you how to get the Lens of Truth, a gold rupee (worth 200 rupees), 
and finally the 3 gold skulltula's that are here (I've never 
mentioned most of the gold skulltulas before but explaining them 
here instead of making you explore this whole confusing level to 
get them is just easier.)  Crawl through the hole and climb down 
the ladder.  Kill the skulltula then walk straight forward right 
through the wall in front of you (yes, you heard right, this level 
has walls you can walk through, invisible floors, etc.).  Now 
you're in the main well room.  Watch out for the giant green 
flaming skull flying around and just keep running straight forward 
through another wall.  Now ignore everything in this room but 
watch out, there's a small invisible pit right in the center of 
the room where all that blood is.  Move around the pit and keep 
moving forward to the opposite wall and, again, walk through it.  
Now stand on the Triforce symbol in front of you and play Zelda's 
Lullaby.  The water will drain out.

Now turn around and go back through the wall, avoid the pit, 
through the next wall, and you're back where you started, except 
now there's a big pit in front of you.  Fall down it and crawl 
through the hole that's down there.  Kill the skulltula, climb up 
the vines and go through the door to the Bottom of the Well boss.  
This guy is scary but easy.  It's basically a swing-your-sword-
wildly-at-anything-that-moves affair.  You can kill the hands 
coming out of the ground.  If they grab you just wildly mash your 
buttons until they let go and keep slashing at them.  You don't 
need to kill the hands, just the weird thing walking around trying 
to bite you.  Once it's dead, a treasure box will appear 
containing the Lens of Truth.  Use the lens of truth in this room 
and you'll find an invisible treasure box.  Open it for 200 
rupees.  Now if you wish, you can just leave now by playing the 
Prelude of Light and go on to the next section.  Otherwise, read 
on for how to get the 3 gold skulltulas in this level.
First, leave this room, climb through the hole and up the vines to 
get out of the pit.  Now go down the left path a little bit and if 
you use your lens you'll see a small alcove in the right hand 
wall.  Go in and retrieve the key that's there.  Now leave the 
alcove and go left (back toward the starting point).  Keep going 
and you'll hit a left turn.  Turn and use your lens and you'll see 
another alcove containing another key.  Now leave the alcove and 
continue down the corridor.  A little ways more and you'll see a 
cage with a Shield-eater in it.  Directly across from it is a wall 
you can walk through.  Go through it and walk straight across the 
room (avoid the pit in the middle!  You can see it with your lens 
now).  Go through the opposite wall and down the small corridor.  
You'll see a grate ahead of you.  Fall down the pit you come to, 
walk under the grate, and climb up the vines on the opposite side 
and go through the door.

Now in this next room is a mummy.  Use your Song of the Sun to 
stun it and kill it with your sword.  Now take out a Deku stick 
and light it with the torch but DO NOT LIGHT ANY TORCHES with it 
yet.  All these torches open the coffin next to them and will 
release more enemies.  You need to light a specific torch.  It's 
the torch in the corner furthest from the door and to the left 
when looking from the door.  Light the torch and the coffin will 
open letting out two bats.  Kill the bats and inside the coffin is 
the third and final small key.  If the bats burned away your Deku 
shield don't worry you can get another free one on the way to the 
third spider.  Now head out of this room, fall down the pit and 
climb up the other side, and go straight through the wall in front 
of you.  Look left and there's a locked door.  Go through and kill 
the plant, watch out for the pots, they attack you, and there's 
spider number 1.

Leave and turn left, avoid the pit, and there's another locked 
door on the other side of the room.  In here is a bunch of bats 
and a big pit in the middle.  Don't worry, there's an invisible 
floor.  Just walk around the outside of the pit and you won't fall 
in.  The spider is in the opposite corner of the room from where 
you entered.  Now leave the room, turn left immediately and walk 
through the wall.  Turn left again and continue down this 
corridor.  You'll see some kind of face picture on the wall at the 
end of the corridor.  Right underneath it is a pit so don't fall 
down it.  Now turn right at the end of the corridor and you'll be 
at a dead end with a hole to crawl through.  Crawl through and go 
through the locked door.  Before moving into this room use your 
lens to see all the pits spread all over the place.  Kill the bats 
and kill the laser shooting thing in the middle of the room by 
throwing a bomb at it.  The chest in this room contains a 
replacement Deku shield if you lost yours.  Go through the door 
and you'll be in the cage with the Shield-eater.  Avoid it when it 
tries to suck you into it and hit it with your boomerang or sword 
when it stops.  Kill the third and final gold skulltula in this 
room.  Now use your Ocarina and play the Prelude of Light to warp 
out of this hellhole and end up back in the Temple of Time.  Go 
into the Master Sword room and replace the Master Sword to warp to 
the future and continue your main quest.  Pat yourself on the back 
for getting 3 well-earned skulltulas and the Lens of Truth.

Goron City Revisited:
One way or the other, make sure you're now adult Link and head for 
Kakariko Village.  Go up to the Death Mountain Trail and travel to 
Goron City.  All the Goron's are gone except one rolling around on 
the third level.  Use a bomb to stop him from rolling and talk to 
him.  He'll give you the Goron's Tunic, which is resistant to 
fire.  Equip it.  Now go to the bottom floor and enter the King's 
room.  Pull the statue at the back of his room out of the way and 
enter Death Mountain Crater.  Use your hookshot to get across the 
broken bridge and on your way across it Sheik will come and teach 
you the Bolero of Fire.  Now continue on down and enter the Fire 

Fire Temple:
Go up the stairs, hang a left, and enter the door.  Short story 
sequence here.  Now start hopping stones and make your way to the 
left of this chamber.  There's a cage there with a Goron in it.  
Step on the switch to release him and nab the small key in the 
treasure box behind him.  Now hop on back to the door you came in 
and exit this chamber.  Walk straight across to the door on the 
other side and enter it.  Now in this large chamber make use of 
the bridge and platforms to make your way to the left side of the 
chamber.  There is a small hallway and a door there.  Don't panic 
if you fall in the lava, your new tunic keeps you from getting 
hurt at all for a few seconds to give you time to get back up.  
Anyway, go through this hall and door, and down the next hall to 
another Goron.  Free him and get the key from his treasure box.  
Now go back to the big chamber and hop your way across to the 
other side (the right side).  Blow open the wall to find another 
Goron and key.  Now finally make your way to the other end of the 
chamber from where you came in to where there's a locked door.  Go 
through and you're at the Fire Elevator.

In this interesting room, slide down the ramp and then climb up 
the fence.  Climb up to the top of the fence and kill the two bats 
there, then drop down to the platform just below you and push the 
movable block off of the edge.  Then fall down and land on the 
moveable block and you'll be shot up into the next room.  Go 
through the locked door here into the green room.  Climb up the 
ledges and kill the little torch slugs.  Jump across to where you 
see a white diamond thing and a movable block.  Push the movable 
block off the side, then drop down and pull it until it stops.  
Climb up onto it, hop over to on top of the Goron's cage, and 
climb up the fence.  Now walk forward all the way until you hit 
the wall, and stand on about the forth tile from the cliff edge.  
Get out a bomb and throw it towards the edge.  It will drop down 
and set off that diamond thing (it's a switch) which will make the 
pillar of fire temporarily disappear.  Climb up the fence where 
the pillar of fire was and go through the door that's up there.
Now you're in the big boulder room.  Turn right and keep going 
that way, dodging boulders, until you find another caged Goron.  
Get his key.  Now as you exit his cage follow the left wall past a 
locked door (don't go through it) until you reach the other side 
of the room and the second caged Goron of this room (he's through 
a door that's in an alcove that may be hard to see).  Now on the 
way out of this room hug the right wall until you find that locked 
door and go through it.  Here you'll have to carefully walk across 
a walkway.  If you look high above the blocked door you'll see a 
gray eye tile.  Shoot it with an arrow to unblock the door.  
Through the door is the Dungeon Map.  Back in the narrow walkway 
room, go through the locked door.  In this next room walk along 
the stone path and jump over onto the fence.  A flame will follow 
you.  Just hurry forward hopping over to the next fence until you 
reach the unlocked door on the other side.  Go through it.
Now you're on the upper level of the big boulder room.  Hop onto 
the platform in front of you and kill the torch slug, then use a 
bomb on the crack in the floor and climb down.  Down here you can 
rescue the Goron from the green room and get another key, not to 
mention an easier way up later in case you fall down somewhere.  
Now climb back up and hop a few ledges to get to the switch that's 
near you.  This switch will free a Goron on the other side of the 
big boulder room.  Hop ledges and make you way over to him and get 
his key.  Now that you've got 2 more keys hop your way back to the 
door you came in.  Look high up and to the left when facing the 
door and you should see a high ledge.  There is a secret area up 
there.  Play the Scarecrow's song and hookshot to the scarecrow.  
Turn around and hookshot to the small floating platform.  It will 
elevate you up to a secret area.  Go through this area and you'll 
pop out in a donut-shaped room where the Megaton Hammer is.  Step 
on the switch and hurry to the treasure chest (use your hookshot 
to get past the steep cliff).  Open it to get 200 rupees.  Go back 
down and go through the door back into the fence room.
This time, back in the fence room, jump your way across to the 
locked door.   The last jump to get there seems impossible but 
it's not.  Just jump slantwise from the corner of the fence to the 
corner of the ledge and if you keep holding forward you'll grab on 
to the ledge and pull yourself up.  Go through the locked door.  
Follow the short corridor after it and you'll find yourself in the 
giant fire maze chamber.  Hop on down and head to the right.  
You'll have to dodge spinning flame throwers, rolling boulders, 
and proximity sensitive flame walls to make your way to a door in 
the far right wall.  The compass is through that door.  Be wary of 
fake doors in here.  They'll hurt you if you try to open them.  If 
you're unsure put a bomb next to it to find out if it's fake or 
not.  Now head back to the starting point and then to the left 
side.  Make your way through this maze to the locked door on the 
pillar in the middle of the chamber.  Go through it and you'll see 
a trapped Goron on your right.  You can't save him yet.  Instead 
continue on and go out the door on the other side.

Now you're back on the right side of the maze.  Make your way 
toward the right wall of the chamber where there's a yellow 
switch.  If you step on it the big fire wall on the opposite side 
of the room will disappear for a few seconds.  Hurry (I know it's 
hard to hurry in this maze, but you'll have to) through to where 
the fire wall was and run past it before the time runs out.  The 
door ahead is a fake.  That said, blow up the door with a bomb and 
then go on in through the real door and face the first dancing 
fire-man mini-boss.  This mini-boss is really easy if you have 
bombs...otherwise he's a lot harder, but I recently found out 
still possible to beat .  All you have to do is throw a bomb at 
him.  When it explodes he'll shrink to a little helpless black 
ball.  Slash him a couple of times and he'll run away.  Don't 
chase him you can't run fast enough.  Instead, hold down B to 
start charging a spin attack, and walk the opposite direction he 
went.  Eventually he'll circle around the room and bump into you 
again.  He'll start running away again before he's very close to 
you, but your fully charged spin attack has a good range.  As soon 
as hear him make a scared noise indicating he's about to turn 
around let it go to teach him a lesson.  If you're low on magic, 
hide against the wall and he won't see you.  He'll keep running 
past and as he does slash him with your sword.  Now he'll jump 
into the flame and become a dancing fire guy again.  Use another 
bomb and repeat the process until he's dead.  If you run out of 
bombs you can use your hookshot to pull the little black guy out 
of the center of the fire dancing thing and hit him with your 
sword.  Just wait on the steps until he stops skating around the 
room and use Z-targeting.  Now that he's dead climb up onto the 
platform where the pillar of fire was and it will raise you up to 
the next floor.

Go through the door to enter the second green room.  Find the 
fence and climb up it, then drop a bomb down on the diamond switch 
and climb up the fence once the pillar of fire is gone (similar to 
the last green room).  Go through the door up there to enter the 
large donut-shaped room.  In here you'll find a small yellow 
switch and a long circular stairway.  You have to step on the 
switch and run up the stairway before the time runs out to open 
the treasure chest at the top.  Of course this is pretty hard 
because the stairway is right on the edge of a huge pit.  If you 
happen to fall you'll be back where that Goron was that you 
couldn't save before inside the pillar in the middle of the big 
fire maze chamber.  You'll have to make your way back up and try 
again.  Once you open the treasure chest you'll get the Megaton 

Now make your way down the narrow stairway to a block with a face 
on it.  Hit it with the hammer and fall down the resulting hole.  
Now smash the statue with the hammer (this is harder than it 
sounds...try holding forward or sideways while swinging the hammer 
to hit it correctly).  Now in the next room kill those annoying 
bats and then hit the small face tile with your hammer.  Grab a 
crate, go down the stairs, and put the crate on the blue switch.  
Go through the door.  In the next room hit the face square with 
your hammer, drop down, then hit the rusted switch with your 
hammer.  Go in the door.   Play the Song of Time to move the blue 
block down.  Use it to jump to the other side and then hit the 
switch with your hammer.  Go get the key from the now-freed 
Goron's cage.  Then climb back up to the door you came through 
using the blue block.

Back outside, hop over to another face block and hit it with your 
hammer.  Make sure you have enough life to handle it and then drop 
down the hole.  If you're low on life there's a fairy in a pot on 
the right side of this room once you're down there.  Use the 
hookshot to get to it.  Anyway, exit out of this room and you're 
back at the entrance.  Go down the stairs and to your left is a 
statue thing.  Destroy it with the hammer and go through the door 
behind it.  Kill all the baddies in this room and go on to the 
next one.  In here the floor tiles will raise up and try to attack 
you so watch out.  If the Shield-eater gets your shield and tunic 
kill it quickly and you'll get them back.  Go on to the next room 
and you'll face the second dancing fire man mini-boss.  Kill him 
the same way as the first one.  Go through the next door, smash 
the rusted switch with the hammer, and nab the boss key.  Now go 
out the doorway ahead of you and you're back at the entrance.  Go 
up the stairs and through the left door, hop across to the boss 
door and go through.  Now you'll face...

Fire Temple Boss:  Valvagia
This boss requires a little patience.  What he basically does is 
go down a hole then pop up and perform 1 of 3 attacks.  Either 
he'll just poke his head out and swipe at you, fly up and try to 
bite and breathe fire on you, or fly to the ceiling and start 
making rocks fall down on you.  He alternates between swiping at 
you and one of the other two attacks.  Also, sometimes it will 
seem like he's going to pop out of a certain hole and then he'll 
suddenly change his mind and come out a different one.  Sometimes 
he'll change his mind 3 or 4 times before finally popping out.  
Now, the way to kill him is, you'll have to wait until he just 
pokes his head out to swipe at you.  As soon as his head pokes 
out, push your hammer button twice to whip out the hammer and 
smack him one with it.  Then back off while he flails around for a 
second, then you can use the hammer, sword, or a bomb to get him 
again (I've heard a jump-attack with the Big Goron's sword works 
good).  When he does his other two attacks, Z target him and just 
hold your shield button and he can't hurt you.  NOTE:  If you push 
your shield button while you have the hammer ready it won't do any 
good.  Quickly tap B first to whip out your sword.  This puts away 
the hammer, whips out the sword, and readies the shield in one 
quick motion.  Then you can safely hold down your shield button.  
Also, for the falling rocks attack don't worry, they rarely if 
ever actually hit you, you don't have to run around dodging them 
or anything.  Once you've smacked him on the noggin enough with 
the hammer he'll go down.  Grab your heart container and off you 
go into the blue light for another story sequence.

Ice Cavern:
After the story sequence you'll be just outside the Fire Temple.  
Walk back over the bridge (use your hookshot to cross where's it's 
broken) but instead of going out the cave, walk over the next 
bridge to a cave blocked off by red boulders.  Use your hammer to 
smash the boulders and go inside to the 4th Great Faerie who will 
double your magic meter.  Now you can either walk down Death 
Mountain or you can use the Prelude of Light to warp to the Temple 
of Time, walk outside, and summon Epona with Epona's Song.  Either 
way, head on over to Zora's River.  Make your way up the river 
just like the last time and just like the last time, play Zelda's 
Lullaby on the Triforce symbol in front of the water fall.  Unlike 
last time, however, you'll find that the water world is now an ice 

Go up to the King's room and go around behind him to enter Zora's 
Fountain.  Now hop on the ice blocks and make your way to a cave 
there known as the Ice Cavern.  The Ice Cavern is a fairly 
straight forward level.  Just make sure you have a couple of 
bottles to use to store the magic blue fire in.  You'll need at 
least two to carry back out with you - one for the King and one 
for the Zora store.  Now, from the entrance of the Ice Cavern, 
follow the path until you reach a room with a revolving spike 
thing and some ice statue guys.  Kill the ice statue guys to open 
the door to the next corridor.  At the end of this corridor you'll 
be in a room with a big helicopter-blade thing made of ice.  
You'll have to run around and collect all the silver rupees to 
open the blocked door.  One of them is right next to the exit door 
floating in the air.  Go through the door and tunnel and fight 
your way through the next room until you get to a room with some 
ice bridges everywhere.  Go up on the ice bridges and get to that 
blue fire.  Now use all your empty bottles on that blue fire to 
collect it for future use.  Use one of them to melt the red ice 
around the treasure box at the end of the bridge to get the 
dungeon map.  Make sure to refill it (you need two bottles at 
least BTW), and go back to the helicopter blade room.
There are two additional exits from this room that are covered 
with red ice.  Use your bottles of blue fire to melt them.  Go 
through the one to the East (the one with two pots next to it).  
It leads to a small round room containing another blue fire thing.  
Refill your bottles and use them to melt a heart container piece 
and a treasure box containing the compass.  Now refill them again 
and go back to the helicopter blade room and then through the West 
exit.  The basic idea behind this next room is to push that block 
of ice around and use it to get where you want.  The following 
directions pertain to the direction you were facing when you first 
walked in.  First, push it left and get the silver rupee there.  
Then forward and get that one.  Then (careful not to fall of the 
edge!) push it right, then back toward the entrance to get another 
silver rupee there.  Then push it off of one of the edges and a 
new one will appear.  Push this one forward then right and climb 
up to melt the last silver rupee with your blue fire.  Then push 
this one off the edge to get another new block.  Push this one 
left, forward, right, back, and then left to get to the exit and 
go through it.

You'll have to use some blue fire to melt some red ice in your way 
in this corridor.  Open the ice door and you'll face an ice wolf.  
Kill it and receive the Iron Boots.  Sheik will come and teach you 
the Serenade of Water.  Use your new Iron Boots to sink into the 
water behind the treasure chest and walk to the end of the 
passage.  Take the boots off once you emerge from the water.  
You're now back in the first room.  Before leaving the ice cavern, 
go back to the small round room where you got the heart container 
piece and the compass (East of the helicopter blade room) and fill 
two bottles with fire.  Then go back out the way you came in.  
Leave Zora's fountain and use a blue fire on the frozen King Zora.  
Talk to him and he'll give you the Zora Tunic, which keeps you 
from drowning.  Go down and use your other blue fire on the 
doorway to the Zora Store.  Now play your Serenade of Water and 
you'll warp to Lake Hylia.  Run forward and jump into the water in 
front of you.  Make sure you're wearing Zora's Tunic and then turn 
around and equip the Iron Boots.  Use your hookshot to hit the 
blue diamond above the doorway and it will open.  Go inside and 
you're now in the Water Temple so take off those Iron Boots.

Water Temple:
Drop into the water and swim along the right wall to a ledge.  
Then equip your Iron Boots and drop down to the bottom.  Find the 
tunnel with the torches on either side of it and go in there to 
meet Ruto.  Walk to the center of the room after she leaves and 
take off your Iron Boots to float up.  Play Zelda's Lullaby in 
front of the Triforce symbol that's there and the water level will 
lower.  Go through the door that's there to get your dungeon map.  
Drop down and you'll be in a room with two unlit torches and a lit 
one.  Light the torches by shooting arrows through the lit torch 
or use Din's Fire.  Go in there and kill the clam guys.  Z target 
a clam and hold down your hookshot button to aim at it, then walk 
up to it until it opens it's mouth and then release the button to 
fire the hookshot.  Kill them this way because in a bit you're 
going to have no choice but to kill clam guys with your hookshot.  
Now go back into the main room.

Follow the left wall, skip the next tunnel and go on to the tunnel 
after that with the block in front of it.  Push the block all the 
way forward and it will drop down.  Jump down and go down the 
passageway then up the other side.  Now hit the shock switch (the 
thing that looks like a diamond) and jump onto the geyser that 
shoots up then jump over to the other side.  If you fall down 
there's a hookshot target you can use to get back up.  Now you'll 
be in a room with a big whirlpool.  Equip your Iron boots to sink 
down.  Go stand on the piping under the water across from the 
stone head.  Aim your hookshot to hit the crystal shock switch in 
it's mouth, then turn and fire the hookshot at the hookshot target 
inside the underwater passage.  Go down the passage and float up 
and grab the key, then hit the shock switch that's in there to 
reopen the gate and use your Iron Boots to walk back out.  Take 
off the boots and float back out of the whirlpool and make your 
way back to the main room.  You'll need to use the hookshot to get 
out of the hole at the end of the tunnel.  Stand on the block you 
dropped down then look up and you'll see a hookshot target you can 

You should have 2 keys now.  Go to the tower in the middle of the 
main room and find the locked door and go through it.  Use your 
hook shot to go up to the ledge above you then play Zelda's 
Lullaby in front of the Triforce symbol to raise the water level.  
Now put on your Iron Boots and drop back down.  Underneath where 
the block was is now a hole.  Drop down and follow this corridor 
and you'll end up in a room with a shock switch.  Hit it with your 
hookshot from a distance and back away as a bunch of baddies drop 
down from the ceiling.  Here's a battle tip for you.  Z target the 
rock thing (the thing that turns into a spiked ball when you get 
to close) and hit it with your hookshot to kill it and it won't 
even be able to attack you.  If it does come at you, block it with 
your shield and it will turn back into a rock thing.  Walk around 
Z targeting all the rock things and kill them and you'll be left 
with two clams.  Kill them using the hookshot method you used 
before.  Once they are all dead a grate on the other side of the 
room will open in the ceiling.  Float up there to get another key.  
Go back to the tower room and go through the upper door.
Walk around until you see a tunnel with two pots in front of it 
and go in there.  Follow the passage, use your hookshot to get 
over the spikes, then use your hookshot again on the ceiling to 
get up in the room.  Go stand next to the treasure chest and shoot 
an arrow at the shock switch.  Then get the compass.  Go back out 
to the main room.  Jump in the water, put on your boots, and sink 
to the bottom.  Walk into the room where you met Ruto (the one 
with the torches on either side of the entrance) and float up.  
Blow open the crack in the wall to get your third key.  Now go 
back into the main room, unequip your boots and swim left across 
the wall.  Enter the first locked door you see.  Go stand on the 
water geyser and then shoot an arrow at the shock switch to have 
it shoot you up to the next room (you can also use a bomb if you 
are out of arrows).  Go through the door and you're at the high 
water level Triforce mark.  Play Zelda' Lullaby to raise the water 
level to it's highest point.  

Now drop into the water and swim left to a locked door and go 
through it.  Hop down two platforms and this platform will move.  
When it's at it's lowest point jump to the non-moving platform to 
your right.  Now use your hookshot on the hookshot targets on the 
fronts of the moving platforms to make your way up to the top of 
the waterfall and go through the locked door.  Now your in the 
water level puzzle room.  If you mess up at any part of this room 
and fall in and the water level is low, use your iron boots to 
sink to the bottom then use the hookshot to hit the shock switch 
and raise the water level, then float up and climb back on to the 
starting platform to start over.

Use your hookshot on the shock switch in the middle of the room to 
raise the water, then hookshot over to the statue nearest you.  
Now shoot the switch again with the hookshot and the water will 
lower.  Walk to the back corner of this platform and look to your 
right.  Use the hookshot on the hookshot target on the wall to get 
over to the next platform.  Climb over the statue head and walk to 
the edge and shoot the switch again to raise the water again.  Now 
hookshot to the next statue and hit the switch once again to lower 
the water.  Now stand on top of the statue's head and shoot the 
switch a final time to be taken up to the next level.  Kill the 
annoying spider things and kill the Shield-eater with arrows then 
use the hookshot target in the ceiling to get over the spikes.  Go 
through the door and you'll find yourself at a big lake with a 
dead tree in the middle and a pillar on the opposite side.  The 
lake is an illusion.  Just walk over it and walk up to the pillar 
on the other side.  You can't get in the door, so turn around and 
you'll come face to face with...yourself!  In the form of Dark 
Okay, this guy may seem impossible but there's a trick that makes 
him easy to beat.  First, stand on the island in the center of the 
lake and make sure he stands on it too.  For some reason, if he's 
standing on the island he won't attack nearly as well.  Some say 
it has something to do with the lack of a reflection.  You can 
also use the islands to either side but there's a glitch in the 
game that sometimes causes him to be stuck in the wall and you 
can't get him, so use the middle island.  Anyway, once you've done 
that try hitting him with your hammer.  If he blocks, take out 
your sword and hit him once with a regular swing (NOT a stab) and 
he'll deflect it but then be vulnerable, so take out your hammer 
again and it should hit this time.  Then just keep smacking him 
with the hammer while staying on that island and he'll go down in 
no time.  If you can't get this to work use Din's Fire.
Now the lake will disappear and reveal where you really 
were...just a large room.  Go through the now unblocked door and 
get your nice new shiny Longshot.  Now look behind the chest and 
there's a temple of time block.  Get rid of it with the Song of 
Time and drop down the hole.  You'll be at the mouth of a river.  
Swim down river and when you start coming close to a whirlpool, 
use your Iron Boots to wade past it.  If you get caught in it's 
pull and can't get out, try to get as far away from it is possible 
and then take off the Iron Boots and start tapping your B button 
like mad to swim away from it.  Make your way to a small platform 
on the left side of the river, just before a particularly strong 
whirlpool.  Use an arrow to shoot the gold eye across from you and 
a grate will open with a treasure box behind it.  Use your 
hookshot on the treasure box to fly across, avoiding the last 2 
whirlpools, and open the box to get a key.  Go down the hallway 
and you're back at that whirlpool you got a key from earlier.  Now 
make your way back to the main room (you should know the way) and 
with your Iron Boots on go once again through the tunnel with the 
torches on either side where you met Ruto, and float up to the 
water level changing switch.  Play Zelda's Lullaby to change the 
water level, then drop down and go back into the main room.
Go into the tower and play Zelda's Lullaby there to raise the 
water to the middle level.  Exit the door and go around the tower 
to the back.  There's a tunnel here with a grate and a gold eye 
below the entry.  Shoot the gold eye with an arrow then quickly 
use your Hookshot on the Hookshot target at the end of the hall.  
Follow the passage until you hit a movable block.  Push it forward 
out of your way, turn left and get the key.  Now go back the other 
way and use your hookshot to fly up the hole in the ceiling and go 
down the hall to drop down back into the main room again.  Sink 
down to the bottom and go into the passage to the right of the 
passage leading to the room where you met Ruto.  Float up the 
other side.  Use your hookshot to get over the spikes and go 
through the locked door.

In this room kill as many of those spider things as you can first 
then use your Iron Boots to wade through the middle of the water, 
avoiding the whirlpools and the boulder.  Float up and out on the 
other side and go through the door.  Drop to the nearest ledge on 
your right and blow open the crack in the wall.  Don't go through 
it yet.  Instead, swim across to the left platform and blow open 
the discolored bricks.  Go through this one and push that block 
that's in there all the way forward.  Now loop back around to the 
first hole and go in there and pull the block as far as you can.  
Loop back around once again and push it the rest of the way onto 
the underwater switch.  This will raise the water level.  Float up 
with it and go through the door (not the one you came through, the 
other one.  It's got steps in front of it).  Now in this room step 
on the floor switch and quickly cross the gap by hopping on the 
water geysers then go through the door.  You don't have to jump on 
the third geyser, you can make the jump from the second to the 
door to save time.

In here avoid the boulder and head right (upstream) then use your 
boots to sink into the deep water.  Walk along the passage, float 
up the other side and go through the locked door.  Get the Boss 
key from the treasure chest.  Now go back outside, go down stream 
and you're back in that room with all the spider things and the 
vortex's.  Go back through the door you first came in and make 
your way back to the main room again.  Once there float up and go 
through the door with the red block floating in front of it and 
raise the water to the highest level. Now look for one of those 
dragon head statues with a hookshot target on it.  Use the 
hookshot to get over there and go through the door behind it.  Go 
up the ramp while trying to avoid those moving spike things (this 
is a lot harder than it sounds.  Try going up the right side when 
the first spike thing is moving to the left and about halfway over 
and keep running straight up) and go through the boss door.  Jump 
onto one of the platforms and you'll get a warning about the 
water.  Now you'll meet...

Water Temple Boss:  Morhpa
This boss is fairly tough but not overly so.  When it start to 
morph into a tentacle just get far away from it.  You can use your 
hookshot on the targets on the walls to get away faster.  I stayed 
on the outside edge all the time so as to avoid falling in the 
water.  Now once you're far enough away Z target that little red 
thing and when it stops spinning around so much, use your hookshot 
to pull it out of the tentacle and bring it toward you.  Then hit 
it with your sword.  Another method is using your Din's Fire 
spell.  Stay fairly close to the tentacle that has the little red 
thing in it.  When it's about to grab you use Din's Fire and the 
tentacle will dissolve.  Then quickly do a Jump attack (push A) on 
the red thing to get in a nice solid hit.  Another idea is to try 
to corner the red thing and just wail on it not letting it get 
back into the water.  After a bit it will start using two 
tentacles which is more difficult.  If one of the tentacles gets 
you you're in for some serious damage.  Just keep doing either or 
both of these methods and that little red thing will finally die.  
The water will drain so go nab your heart container and step in 
the blue light and you're finally past this hellish level
Kakariko Village in trouble: