Deku Baba: A man-eating plant that comes up out of the ground. They are found mostly in Kokiri Forest and the Deku Tree. He will try to snap at you, so watch for it. Use the sword a couple times to defeat him. You could also use Deku nuts to stun him so it’ll be easier, then use the sword.

Big Deku Baba: Just like the Deku Baba, only lots bigger.

Skulltulwalla: A spider that clings to walls, vines, and stuff. They are found in just about every dungeon. If you get near them, they will turn purple and come at you real fast. Kill them from a distance using Z-Targeting and a slingshot or bow.

Big Skulltula: These huge spiders hang from the ceiling and when you get close, they will drop down. If you get too close, they will spin around and knock you on your @$$:) When they turn around and expose their belly, use the sword to get rid of it. Big Skulltulas can be found in the dungeons.
Hint: In some cases, you’ll need the Lens of Truth to see them.

Gold Skulltula: These are the Spiders of the Curse. There are 100 of them in the game. They can be found anywhere. Z-Targeting won’t work, so you have to kill them w/o it. Use whatever method you choose.

Keese, Fire Keese, & Ice Keese: These are little black bats. They can be found in dungeons, and a few other places. Use Z-Targeting and wait till they get close & use the sword. Or if they stop, Z-Target them & use your slingshot or something. Be careful of the Fire/Ice Keese because if they fly into you, you’re in for a treat!

Guay: He’s just like a Keese, only he looks like a bird. They are found near Lake Hylia, and there are tons of then in the desert colossus.

Gohma Larva: They are tiny versions of Gohma. They live in little egg things on the ceiling. They can only be found in the Deku Tree. A good way to get rid of them is to look for the eggs, then use the slingshot. If you miss the eggs, they’ll drop down from the ceiling and come for you. Attack with the sword before they pounce on you.

Scrub: They hide in the bushes, then when you get close, they’ll spit Deku Nuts at you. Use Z-Targeting and the Deku Shield to reflect them back. When they get hit, they’ll run around. Now hit them with the sword once to finish the job. Also, if you’re in a big hurry, avoid the nuts and just use the sword.

Business Scrub: Just like Scrubs, only when you reflect the Deku Nut back, they won’t run away, they’ll give you hints or sell you stuff.

Stalchild: Little skeletons that only show up at night in Hyrule Field. Just use the sword once or twice & that’s it. Just watch out because they keep coming until morning. If you wear the Bunny Head, they won’t come out.

Peahat/Peahat Larva: What do you know, they’re back! Only this time, they are MUCH easier to deal with:) They’re only found in Hyrule Field. When the Peahats come up out of the ground, go for the roots. For the Peahat Larva, just use the shield. When they bounce off, they’ll die.

Poe: These are found in Hyrule Field and the graveyard. Use the sword when they are visible. Watch out for the fire they throw at you.

Big Poe: There are only 10 of them, and you only see them as adult link when you have Epona. Use Bow. You have to be quick because they will run from you.

Poe Sisters: They live in the the Forest Temple. When you solve their puzzles, Z-Target them and use the Bow.

Octorok: Octopus that lives in the water. They’ll pop out and spit rocks at you. Reflect them back.

Tektite: These are jumping spiders. They can be found almost anywhere. The blue ones live near water. The red ones live on Death Mountain. Z-Target & use sword.

Stalfos: Strong, powerful skeletons. Can be found in the dungeons. Z-Target & attack when he lets his guard down. When he attacks you, use shield.

Wolfos/White Wolfos: Wolf creatures that can be found in the Sacred Fores Meadow & the dungeons. Use the hookshot, then go in and attack with the sword.

Lizalfos/Dinalfos: These are found in the dungeons. They make this weird noise, which kinda sounds like my cat:). Any ways, Z-Target and use the sword. When he attacks, use the shield. Dinalfos jumps around more and is a little faster.

Wallmaster: They are big hands that drop down from the ceiling. Make sure to keep moving because if they grab you, you’ll end up at the beginning of the dungeon. Attack before they go back up to the ceiling. (You might want to let them grab you once, it looks kinda cool:)

Floor master: These are really annoying! They crawl around on the floor and when you get near, they’ll turn green and try to hit you. Move out of the way. When they turn back to their original color, hit them with the sword once. They will split up into three parts. Dispose of them before they come together again.
Hint: In some cases, you’ll need the Lens of Truth to see them.

Beamos: These statues will shoot lasers at you. Try to avoid his eye and throw a bomb at it.

ReDead: Zombie things that paralyse you when they see you. (at least most of the time.) Use the Sun’s Song to paralyse them, then use the sword. You don’t need the Sun’s Song, it’s just easier.

Gibdo: Same as ReDead, only they are mummies. I think they are a bit more powerful though.

Stinger: These are small fish that live in the water in dungeons. When you get near, they will get bigger and fly into you. Z-Target and use the Slingshot.

Shabom: Bubbles that live in Jabu-Jabu’s Belly. Use Z-Targeting and the slingshot. The boomerang also works.

Anibus: I don’t know WHAT that thing is, but it can’t stand fire! It mimics your moves, only in reverse. It lives in the Spirit temple.

Armos: These statues are found in the dungeons. When you touch them, they will come alive. Stop their movements, then use a bomb.

Spike: You can’t defeat these, they move in a pattern, so just avoid them.

Spike Ball: They are found in the water temple. They look like rocks, but when you get close, they turn into spikes & chase you. Use the hookshot from a distance.

Shell Blade: Clams that live in the Water Temple. Z-Target them & when they open up, use the hookshot quickly.

Tailparsaran: Electric pincher things that live in Jabu-Jabu’s Belly. Z-Target and use the Boomerang.

Biri: These electric jellyfish are in Jabu-Jabu’s Belly. Z-Target and use the Boomerang. You could also use Deku Nuts, then the sword.

Bari: Bigger versions of Biri. When they get hit once, they will split up into three Biri. Use the same method.

Red Bubble: The Bubbles are skulls surrounded by fire. The Red ones are usually seen around lava. You can ignore them, because they don’t really get in your way.

White Bubble: When they stop moving, use the sword.

Green Bubble: When the green fire vanishes, attack with the sword.

Blue Bubble: Use the shield to extinguish the flame, then attack.

Ironknuckle: He is probably the biggest pain in the whole game! I found that it’s best NOT to Z-Target. Just go behind him and attack like mad. If he hits you, you’re in for it, so make sure you have a way to revive yourself.

Dead Hand: This weird thing is the Bottom of the Well boss & there’s one in the Shadow Temple. You’ll notice lots of hands sticking up out of the ground. Attack one of them, but don’t let it grab you. Eventually a body will come up out of the ground. Go for the head. Repeat until dead.

Freezard: An ice monster who freezes you with his breath. When it’s safe, attack with the sword. He will come back to life once. Get him again before he completely regenerates.

Torch Slug: Found in the Fire Temple. Z-Target and use the sword. You always get magic from these guys.

Like Like: The lovable shield eaters from Zelda I and IV. Use the sword a couple times but be careful because he’ll eat certain shields & clothes. If he gets you, kill him quick to get your stuff back.

Fake Door: When you try to open them, they fall down on you. You can tell they are fake because it sticks out from the wall. Use the Hammer or Bombs to destroy them.

Flying Pots: They look like regular pots, only they fly up and hit you.

Moblin: These are strong soldiers in the Sacred Forest Meadow. If they see you, they will charge you until you hit a wall. Stand at a corner and use the hookshot on its back.

Club Moblin: He protects the entrance to the Forest Temple. If you have arrows, use them. If not, you’ll have to dodge the waves he makes with his club. Then go behind him and use the sword.

Dodongo: Hit his tail with the sword three times. Watch out for his fire breath. He explodes before he dies, so watch out.

Dodongo Larva: They come up out of the ground and chase you. When you hit them with the sword, they will be defeated, but watch out. They also explode.

Tile: When you enter the room, they will come up out of the ground and come at you. Use the shield.

Tentacle: There are three of these in Jabu-Jabu’s Belly. Lock onto it and use the Boomerang to cut it.

Leever: They are sand creatures that live in the desert. They constantly come up out of the ground and attack. Just move out of the way since the go in a straight line.