For details on upgrades, see the walkthru.

Kokiri Sword: You get this as child link in Kokiri Forest. Complete the Training area and it’s yours.

Master Sword: You get this when you open the Door of Time and become an adult.

Giant’s Knife/Big Goron’s Sword: The ‘Giant’s Knife’ is a breakable sword. When you finish Adult Link’s trading sequence, you get the real Biggoron’s Sword. It is the best sword and it’s huge!. It’s very useful so it’d be worth your while to get it.

Kokiri Tunic: This is the green outfit Link starts out with.

Goron Tunic: You can get this from the Rolling Goron as adult Link or you can buy it at the Goron Shop. It’s resistant to heat. Now you can explore hot places without dying.

Zora Tunic: You can get this from King Zora as adult Link or you can buy it at the Zora Shop. It enables you to breathe under water.

Kokiri Boots: These are the boots Link starts out with.

Iron Boots: You get these in the Ice Cavern. They allow you to walk around under water.

Hoover Boots: You get these in the Shadow Temple. They allow you to hoover for short periods of time.

Deku Shield: This is a wooden shield designed for kids. If it catches on fire, it’ll burn. You can get it at the Kokiri shop for 40r.

Hylian Shield: This is a strong metal shield that can be used by kids and adults alike. You buy it at the Hyrule Castle Market.

Mirror Shield: This shield is very strong. It can reflect light and block some magic. You get it in the Spirit Temple as an adult.

Quiver: This holds arrows. It can be upgraded.

Deku seed Bag: This holds your ammo for the slingshot. It can also be upgraded.

Goron’s Bracelet: This enables you to lift Bomb Flowers. You get it from Darunia of Goron City.

Silver Gauntlets: These enable you to lift heavy objects. These are also found in the Spirit Temple, but only adult Link can use them.

Gold Gauntlets: These are much stronger than the Silver Gauntlets. You get them in Ganon’s Castle.

Silver Scale: After you beat Zora’s Diving Game, you get this. It allows you to dive for a little longer.

Gold Scale: It’s a little better than the Silver Scale. If you get a big fish in the Fishing pond, you’ll get the Gold Scale. You must be an adult.

Bomb Bag: This holds your bombs. It’s in Dodongo’s Cavern.

Deku stick: These are found all over Hyrule. They have many uses; lighting torches, killing things, etc. Only young Link can use them. Carrying capacity can be upgraded.

Deku nut: These are found all over Hyrule. They stun the enemy for a short time. Practically useless. Carrying capacity can be upgraded.

Deku seed: These can be found anywhere. This is the ammo for the slingshot. Carrying capacity can be upgraded.

Fairy Slingshot: You shoot stuff with it.:) Find it in the Deku Tree.

Fairy Ocarina: When you play songs on it, it will have different effects. Saria gives it to you when you leave the forest.

Ocarina of Time: Same effect as the Fairy Ocarina only you can use it to warp to different places and open the Door of Time.

Boomerang: You get this in Jabu-Jabu’s Belly. Very helpful.

Bottle: There are four of them. One at Lon Lon Ranch, one on the bottom of Lake Hylia, one at Kakariko Village, and at the Poe Trader’s room.

Lens of Truth: This will allow you to see fake walls and other hidden stuff. It’s in the Bottom of the Well at Kakariko Village.

Bomb: They come with the Bomb Bag, and can be found all over Hyrule.

Bombchu: Set one down and it will start running all over the place. When it hits something, or a certain amount of time passes, it will explode. You can buy these or find them in some treasure chests.

Magic Beans: Only young link can use these. Plant them in Soft Soil and when you become adult Link, the plant will become a moving platform. Handy.

Bow: You get this in the Forest Temple.

Arrow: They come with the Bow, and can be found all over Hyrule.

Fire Arrow: After you beat the Water Temple, you can find these at Lake Hylia. They burn things.

Ice Arrow: After you complete the Gerudo Training Ground, this is what you get. useless if you ask me… Use these to freeze enemies. It looks cool.

Light Arrow: You get these at just the right time! You need these to defeat Ganondorf.

Megaton Hammer: It’s in the Fire Temple. You pound things with it.

Hookshot: As adult Link, go to Dampe’s grave and win the race. He’ll give it to you. It can attach onto most things that are climb able.

Longshot: Hookshot upgrade. Beat Dark Link in the Water Temple.

Din’s Fire: Get it from the Great Fairy near Hyrule Castle. When you use this, fire will engulf everything.

Farore’s Wind: Get it from the Great Fairy in Zora’s Fountain. If you use it once, it’ll create a warp point. If you use it again, you can either warp back to the warp point, make a new warp point, or exit.

Nayru’s Love: Get it from the Great Fairy in the Desert Colossus. A blue light will surround Link, protecting him from harm.

Red Potion: Fills up your life. Buy it from shops or Business Scrubs.

Green Potion: Fills up your magic. Buy it from shops or Business Scrubs.

Blue Potion: Fills up both life and magic. Buy it from the Old Lady who lives behind the potion shop in Kakariko Village.