Heart Pieces

This list courtesy of Taron Millet’s Walkthru.
HCP = Heart Container Piece, AL=Adult Link only, YL=Young Link only, BL=Both Links, nothing=either Link

Hyrule Field – Look for fenced-in grass on the path to Lake Hylia. Throw a bomb into the center of the grass to unveil a hole. Defeat the bush guy and he’ll sell you a HCP for 10 rupees.

Hyrule Field – Exit the Market as adult Link and turn right. Keep walking in that general direction and you’ll see a lone brown tree. Bomb the base of it, fall down the hole, then use the Iron Boots to sink to the bottom of the pond and get the HCP.

Market – YL – In a house in the back alley at night you’ll find a woman who lost her dog. Go outside and find the dog (Look for a white one in the corner near the Bazaar). Give the dog back to the woman and she’ll give you a HCP.

Market – YL – Go into the market at night to play the treasure chest game. If you make it to the end you’ll get a HCP. If you have the Lens of Truth you can cheat by looking into the chests with it.

Market – YL – After showing Zelda’s letter to the guard in Kakariko Village, return to the market and the Bombchu Bowling game will be open. Play to win a prize. Randomly the prize will be a HCP.

Lost Woods – YL – Enter the Lost Woods and go left from the first room. Stand on the short stump and play Saria’s Song and the Skull Kid on the big stump will give you a HCP.

Lost Woods– YL – Go right from the first room in the Lost Woods and climb down the ladder to find two skull kids. They’ll want you to play songs with them. Repeat whatever they play and after a few songs they’ll give you a HCP.

Lon Lon Ranch – YL – In the far southeast corner of the ranch is a stone tower. Go inside and there is a bunch of crates. Move them around to find a hole in the wall and crawl through to get the HCP.

Kakariko Village – YL – Climb to the top of Death Mountain and talk to the owl. Have him take you back down to the village. He’ll place you on a roof. Drop down off the roof on to the roof of the Chicken Women’s pen and then walk into the hole on the side of the house there. Find the HCP next to a cow.

Kakariko Graveyard – YL – First in the day time watch the kid walk around the graveyard. Make note of all the places he stops and waves his stick. Then go outside and wait on the steps of Kakariko village until the skeletons FIRST pop out, then go immediately into town. Talk to the gravedigger and he’ll charge you 10 rupees a dig. Have him dig in all the places where the kid waved his stick and one of them should be the HCP.

Kakariko Village – Method 1(AL): Use your hookshot to get on top of the house with the man sitting on top of it. He’ll give you a HCP. (NOTE: Some people have written me saying you need the longshot to do this. That simply isn’t true. Just go into the potion shop and out the back door. Stand on the very corner of the platform you are now and you can just barely get your hookshot to hit the bottom of the roof and get onto it.) Method 2(YL): Get a chicken and make your way up the construction site beams by throwing it up and then climbing up. Then you can float over to the roof from there and talk to the man. Method 3(YL): Climb to the top of that very high lookout tower, then face the construction sight and hold Z, then tap left+A to hop over to the fence where you can then climb up onto the roof.

Kakariko Village – The prize for 50 gold skulltula tokens is a HCP. (See section 10).

Kakariko Graveyard – Pull on the middle gravestone in the second row (4th from the right) to reveal a hole. Fall down, kill the mummy, and play the Song of the Sun to get a HCP.

Kakariko Graveyard – AL – Pull the gravestone with flowers in front of it on the left side of the graveyard to find the gravedigger’s tomb. Talk to him and race him through the cavern. Then play the Song of Time to get rid of the blue stone blocking your exit. Follow the path and you’ll end up inside the windmill. Jump on the rotating platforms to get to the HCP.

Kakariko Graveyard – AL – If you get 1 minute or less in the race against the gravedigger you’ll get a HCP. Use the longshot on one of the torches in the last room for a shortcut, although it’s possible to do it without this (I did it without).

Kakariko Graveyard – BL – Plant a Magic Bean in the graveyard as young Link. Return as adult Link and ride the magic leaf platform up to get the HCP.

Goron City – YL – Light up all the torches on the ground level of Goron’s City to make the giant Urn in the middle spin. Go up a level and throw a bomb into the Urn to make it drop prizes. Eventually, it will drop a HCP, depending on what face on the Urn is facing forward when it stops spinning.

Dodongo’s Cavern – BL – As young Link plant a Magic Bean at the entrance to Dodongo’s Cavern. Return as Adult Link and ride the magic leaf platform up, then jump off of it to get the HCP above the entrance. (NOTE: It’s also been said you can get this as young Link by using a side hop from the ledge above where the bomb plant is. A side hop is when you hold Z then push B+left or right)

Death Mountain Crater – If you enter Death Mountain Crater from the cave at the peak of Death Mountain, go straight forward on the large platform you are on until you come to the edge. Slowly walk over the edge. If you walked slowly enough you’ll start to climb down the face of the cliff. There’s a hole halfway down with a HCP in it. You can also get to this one using the magic leaf platform near the entrance to the Fire Temple if you’ve planted a bean there.

Death Mountain Crater – BL – Have young Link plant a magic bean at the entrance to the Fire Temple (use the Bolero of Fire to warp there). Then return as adult Link and use it to ride up to the HCP at the peak of one of the small volcanoes

Zora’s River – YL – About halfway up the river is a bunch of frogs. Play 5 songs for them then take your ocarina out again. They’ll ask you to help them get bugs. Play the ocarina in the correct pattern to get a HCP. The correct pattern is A,CL,CR,CD,CL,CR,CD,A,CD,A,CD,CR,CL,A. (Note: They’ll also give you 50 rupees each time you play a different song, so you might want to go back and buy some Magic Beans with them so you don’t waste their money by having your rupee limit full).

Zora’s River – YL – If you play the Song of Storms for the frogs from the previous one you’ll get a HCP.

Zora’s River – YL – There’s a chicken near the beginning of the river. Pick it up and take it along with you. You’ll see the HCP on a small raised platform. Next to it is a high ledge on the west bank of the river. Now there’s two methods to get this. Method 1: Jump toward the part of the ledge closest to the wall and just as you hit it throw the chicken with A and hold your control stick toward the ledge and you should grab the ledge. Climb up and jump to the small platform to claim your HCP. Method 2: Keep going with the chicken, throw it up on the platform in front of you. Then on to the next platform to your right. Now face downstream and you should see a very narrow ledge to your left. Use the chicken to float over to it. Lose the chicken and climb up the ladder there. Grab another chicken that’s up there and float down to the HCP.

Zora’s River – YL – Bring the chicken with you until you reach the big waterfall. In this last area you’ll see a HCP on a ledge. Jump to it with the chicken.

Zora’s Domain -YL – Go to King Zora’s room and light a Deku stick with a torch that’s there. RUN down and light a torch at the bottom of the steps, then run around and light the one in front of the shop, then across the water to the one by the circle of stones, then hugging the wall run behind the waterfall and light both of those torches. If you manage to get them all you’ll get a HCP that will appear in a chest behind the waterfall.

Lake Hylia – BL – Plant a Magic Bean as young Link near the Lake Hylia lab. Return as adult Link and ride the Magic Leaf platform up to on top of the lab, then climb the ladder there to get a HCP.

Lake Hylia – After you have the Gold Scale dive (don’t use Iron Boots) to the bottom of the pool in the Lake Hylia lab. Then talk to the weird lab person and get a HCP.

Lake Hylia – YL – Go to the Fishing Pond and catch a 10-pound fish. Try near the sticks and under the log to find the big ones.

Zora’s Fountain – AL – There’s a HCP floating on a ice block on the Eastern side.

Zora’s Fountain – AL – Use the Zora Tunic and the Iron Boots to sink under the water and find the HCP at the bottom.

Ice Cavern – AL – You’ll see a HCP in some Red Ice in the Ice Cavern in the round room east of the room with the helicopter blade made of ice. Use some Blue Fire in a bottle to melt the ice and get it.

Gerudo Valley – Method 1(YL): Use a chicken on the bridge to float down to a platform that’s to the right of the bridge and on the opposite bank (from where you enter the valley). Then you can walk up the ledge to the point closest to the water fall and jump behind it, then climb a ladder to the HCP. Method 2(BL): Use the chicken as young Link as in method 1 and float down to the platform. Then plant a magic bean in the soil by the cow. Then return as adult Link and ride the magic leaf platform to the HCP.

Gerudo Valley – YL – Grab the chicken and walk to the far left side of the cliff. Jump off and float to a small ledge on the opposite side with a crate on it. Smash the crate for a HCP.

Gerudo Fortress – AL – In the big chest at the top of the fortress. You can play the Scarecrow’s Song and longshot to the scarecrow or to the chest itself depending on where you are aiming from. Just try to get to a nearby rooftop.

Gerudo Fortress – AL – Beat the horseback archery range with 1000 points or more.

Desert Colossus – BL – Plant a magic bean at the soft soil location at the entrance to the Spirit Temple as young Link (use the Requiem of Spirit song to get there). Return as adult Link and ride it. Eventually it will loop around a stone arch in front of the entrance to the temple. Jump off onto the top of the stone arch to fetch the final HCP.