Cheats & Codes

Sent in by Anon
In the castle court yard where you meet Zelda shoot the window oppositeof the Mario pictures window and a guard will suddenly appear and hewill tell you to knock it off then throw a bomb at you. Now we know whythe guards in A Link to the Past throw bombs.

Much like the skull kid in Hyrule field you can make a giant leeverappear in the Desert Colossus. Just kill a bunch of leevers until agiant purple one appears. It is about the size of a Like Like and takesquite a few hits to kill. It usually leaves a red rupee behind after you kill it.

If you catch a Poe in a bottle and then select it for one of your cbuttons press the c button with the Poe and Link will take out thebottle with a Poe in it and drink it. Be careful though since this cancause damage, but its neat to watch so it is worth it.

While standing by a one eyed statue use Din’s fire. It will make thestatue stretch up to the ceiling then twist like a cork screw andsuddenly it will go back to the floor and flatten out and then go back to normal.

Sent in by Link
Zelda 64 Crap Code:

1. Play any song that will warp you, or Saria’s song.

2. When the words that tell you what song you playedappear, do the crooked cartridge code, being careful not to freeze the game.Now the tricky part.

3. After the screen that asks you if you want to warpor talk to Saria appears, quickly push the left sideof the cartridge back in, but don’t pull out the rightside (For those of us who are right-handed, keep theright part of the hand pushing down on the right partof the cartridge). You won’t see a yellow colouredline but some words or crap if you did it right.

4. You will see some cool crap. Some of it will scrolland then stop, then a blue arrow appears. If you pressA, the game will freeze. Wait and you’ll see more crapappearing. You can get a lot of weird BS with it, pluslots of international letters.

Property of The Odyssey of Hyrule.
Hello. I know a cheat to make the file select textJapanese. There is a way to get back the English text,but more on that later. Anyway, you need an empty saveslot with a character that hasn’t been started. Selectthat slot, then gently pull the cartridge to the leftuntil the music is slightly obscured. Now enter yourname as usual and hit End. Push the cartridge back inso the garbled noise goes away. Shut the Nintendo 64off and turn it back on. You’ll see all the text onthe file select screen in Japanese, but the text whileyou’re playing the game will still be in English! Toget back your old English text, delete any charactersyou played as and start them over. Disclaimer: Do notdo this code unless you are willing to accept anyconsequences. You might lose all your saved data! Doit at your own risk! Should I say that in Hylian? Irepeat, DO THIS AT YOUR OWN RISK!

I know how to get a debug menu in Zelda 64. Nintendodidn’t want this to be known, but here it is. First,do the crooked cartridge trick that lets you go toHyrule Field or the Great Deku Tree without trying.The game should freeze and you should see ayellow-coloured line above the first Heart Container.Press the buttons in this order: L+R+Z, Up+C-down,C-up+Down,Left+C-left, C-right+Right. You must hold each buttonuntil you get the full sequence in and let go. Youwill get a black-coloured box with a message. You canalso use this to find out the date your copy was made(mine was made on October 26, 1998) and what versionit is (mine is ROM-F). You will have to turn the poweroff and on because reset won’t work. For more info, go to The Odyssey of Hyrule.

You can make Link in WWF Warzone! Here is how to makethe old version and the new version:

old Link (from the Zelda cartoon and Zelda 2):

SC: 1
ST: plain
BT: average
Hair: brown
face: 1
accessories: Bandana 45-99
beard: side burns 1-93 (Yes, this is Link, you’ll find
out why when you play Zelda 2, though he doesn’t have
a beard)
shirt: Generic 2 1-99
jacket: gray 45-99
gloves: none
armpads: none
neck: none
accessories: none
shorts: safari 45-99, coloured green
accessories: nylons 0-99
vboots: generic 46-96
belt: Aztec
Attributes: any, though I recommend that you set
charisma to 10.
music: Triple H
moves: any
personality: Fan Favorite
name: Link

new Link (from Zelda 64)

SC: 1
ST: ripped
BT: average
hair: bleached long 20-98
face: 1
beard: none
Accessories: bandana 45-99
jacket: gray 45-99
gloves: finger 1-94
accessories: bullet, even though he’s a lefty.
armpads: tight 0-99
shorts: safari 40-99
accessories: nylons 0-99
kneepads: white
boots: brown
name: Link
attributes: any, just set charisma to 10 and toughness to 0.
music: any
personality: fan favorite
moves: any

ST, SC, and BT are for skin type,skin colour, and body type. Numbers next to clothingparts are for the colour and value.
Sent in by Kat
i have a cheat for the treasure chest room, (young link) go in ,buy thekey, go through the first door, then go to the boxes as follows, top,bottom , bottom, if you can guess the other two, then great, if not,then leave the shop, come back in a choose the boxes, bottom, bottom,bottom, top, bottom, this should work.

Sent in by
Youknow the guy in Z:OOT at the fishing pond that scratches his armpits a lot?You can catch his hat. He gets really mad and you can fish with it, but ifit gets loose he gets extremely mad and makes you pay 50 Rupees. This istrue, but hard to do.

Sent in by 00ICU812
Dead Link! Hold down the Z button where ever you are and and knock an arrow(this means to have one on the bowstring) Now press the button for the ocarina andan arrow will be stuck through your neck for as long as you have the ocarina out.

Sent in by Carnath the Warrior and
With the dead hands, if you have the “lens of truth” you can see a darkspot on the floor. bomb that spot and the monster thing will rise, thenattack with the sword

Sent in by Steven Glover
To get five bottles you should go to where a fish is and then swoop forit but before link gets it. Press start and go to the item sub screen andchoose an item then press start. That item will turn into a bottle.

Sent in by Kevin McGinty
you can get 200 rupees in a hole that youneed to blow up behind the tree in Kakariko Village. You can also get200 rupees in a box next to the hole you are put in if you are seenin Gerudo Fortress.

Sent in by Katherine Cornell
For those who don’t want to wait till they get to Death Mountain I didfind another way (although it takes some doing). Grab a chicken andwalk over to where the man is running back and forth on the overheadscaffolding. Carefully toss the chicken on top of the first level of redbricks in the center of the platform. Climb up yourself and then grabhim again. Toss him up onto the second level of red bricks. Once againclimb up and the grab him before he runs away.

Now this next part has to be timed just right or the man running on thescaffolding will knock you off. With chicken in hand, face the windmilland WAIT for the man to come to the corner of the scaffolding. AS SOONas he leaves jump across to the narrow ledge. Then quickly (butcarefully) run in the direction of the chicken woman’s house. If youtime it right you’ll just miss the man coming to knock you off. Be sureto run as straight as possible on the scaffolding. When you reach theend you will sail right over to the wooden roof. You can then walk inand get the piece of heart.It took me about 5 tries to get this right. The hardest part is keepingthe silly chicken in your reach. LOL. I know it’s a bit more complexthan coming off Death Mountain but for those who want the heart NOW…it does work. 🙂

Game Shark Codes

Game Genie Codes Version 1.0
Code Description
8111a6000140 Infinite Energy
8111a5fe0140 Max Hearts
8011a6a100ff Skulltulas Killed
811a66c7777 All Equipment
All Quest/Status Items
Press L to Levitate (Moon Jump)
8011a6990009 Infinite Small Keys
8011a6780007 Have Big Key, Compass, & Map
Have All Spells
8011a64b0008 Have Ocarina of Time
Infinite Magic
Infinite Deku Sticks
Infinite Deku Nuts
Infinite Bombs
Infinite Arrows
Infinite Slingshots
Infinite Bombchus
8011a64d000b Have Longshot
8011a650000e Have Boomerang
8011a651000f Have Lens of Truth
Infinite Magic Beans
8011a6530011 Have Megaton Hammer
Have All Arrow Types

Game Genie Codes Version 1.1
Code Description
8111A7C00140 Infinite Energy
8111A7BE0140 Max Hearts
8011A86100FF Skulltulas Killed
8111A82C7777 All Equipment
All Quest/Status Items
Press L to Levitate (Moon Jump)
8011a8590009 Infinite Small Keys
8011a8380007 Have Big Key, Compass, & Map
Have All Spells
8011a80b0008 Have Ocarina of Time
Infinite Magic
Infinite Deku Sticks
Infinite Deku Nuts
Infinite Bombs
Infinite Arrows
Infinite Slingshots
Infinite Bombchus
8011a80d000b Have Longshot
8011a810000e Have Boomerang
8011a811000f Have Lens of Truth
Infinite Magic Beans
8011a8130011 Have Megaton Hammer
Have All Arrow Types

Game Genie Codes Version 1.2
Code Description
8111Acb00140 Infinite Energy
8111AcaE0140 Max Hearts
8011ad5100ff Skulltulas Killed
8111ad1C7777 All Equipment
All Quest/Status Items
Press L to Levitate (Moon Jump)
8011ad490009 Infinite Small Keys
8011ad280007 Have Big Key, Compass, & Map
Have All Spells
8011acfb0008 Have Ocarina of Time
Infinite Magic
Infinite Deku Sticks
Infinite Deku Nuts
Infinite Bombs
Infinite Arrows
Infinite Slingshots
Infinite Bombchus
8011acfd000b Have Longshot
8011ad00000e Have Boomerang
8011ad01000f Have Lens of Truth
Infinite Magic Beans
8011ad030011 Have Megaton Hammer
Have All Arrow Types

* – If the above codes don’t work, try this version.