Queen Gohma: After the movie plays, she will drop down and move towards you. Use Z-Targeting on her and when she opens her eye, use the slingshot. This will stun her. Now use the sword until she moves away. Now she’ll climb around and drop a few Gohma Larvas to the ground. Kill them and wait for Queen Gohma to drop down again. Keep repeating the process until dead.

King Dodongo: This is a pretty easy battle. You need the Hylian Shield if you want to be successful. First, he’ll roll around the battle area, then then run into a corner. Now, he’ll open up his mouth and spit fire at you. Before he can spit fire at you, Z-Target his mouth and throw a bomb in there. When he swallows it, it’ll explode inside his mouth & he’ll be stunned. Whack him with the sword until he balls up. Right when he starts to roll, DUCK!! He’ll go over your shield & you won’t get hurt. Repeat until dead.

Mini-Boss – Big Octo: Firs off, Z-Target him and NEVER lose the target or you will get screwed big time. When he comes towards you, use the boomerang to stun him. He’ll turn around and go the other way. Quickly use the boomerang again to get him in the backside. When he’s stunned, use the sword on that little green area. Repeat until dead.

Barinade: He is strikingly familiar to Arrghus on Zelda 3 but it looks really cool when he dies.:) First, you have to get rid of the Bari that protect him. Z-Target him and keep moving around so you won’t get hit by his electric beams. Keep using the Boomerang until Barinade gets stunned. Now go for the individual Baris. Kill them as fast as possible. If you don’t they will attach to Barinade on electric beams & spin around extremely fast, kind of like Arrghus again. Watch out for that! In the last phase, just Z-Target and use the boomerang to stun him, then use the sword.

Phantom Ganon: This guy can be easy if you know what you are doing. Make sure you have a good supply of arrows. Stand in the middle and keep your bow out. Look around the pictures and shoot him when he is about to come out. If you miss, he’ll do a real good lightning attack. RUN fast out of the way. You’ll know when it’s coming because you can hear a sound. After a couple hits, he’ll move into his last phase. Z-Target him and when he gets ready to throw a magic ball at you, hit it back with the sword. When he falls to the ground, use the sword again. Repeat until dead.

Volvagia: This guy’s a pain, but no too bad. When he first pops up out of a hole, he’ll swipe at you. Avoid that, then Z-Target his head & smash it with the hammer a couple times. Now he’ll go back into the hole. When he comes back out, watch out for the fire he spits at you. He’ll also hover over you. When he does that, duck using the R button & he can’t hit you. When he finally goes back into the hole, then comes back out, use the hammer again after he swipes at you. Now comes his next attack, huge rocks. The chances of you getting hit are pretty slim to begin with, but if you want to be safe, hang off the edge of the platform. Repeat this process until dead. Also, the Big Goron’s Sword might be useful…

Morpha: This guy’s pretty simple. Watch out for his tentacles and Z-Target the heart, or whatever that thing is. Use the longshot to pull it towards you and whack it with the sword. Repeat until dead.

Bongo Bongo: First, Z-Target a hand and shoot it with an arrow. Then do the other. Now activate the Lens of Truth. Charge up your sword and release it when the rest of him comes at you. When he’s stunned, whack him with the sword. Repeat until dead. Big Goron sword helps big time.

Twin Rova: Now this is a real thrill! The ending is worth all the trouble:) Twin Rova is composed of two witches, Koume and Kotake. One with the Fire magic, the other has Ice magic. Usually they stay close together, so for the first phase, all you have to do is use the Mirror Shield to reflect the spells at the other witch. Example: Aim Fire back at the witch with the Ice magic. Repeat until the final phase. Now, the two witches will merge into one. Now is a good time to use the Z-Targeting system. You still have to reflect the attacks back at them/it, but the Mirror Shield will absorb the first two attacks, then the third will work. Note that it must be the same spell, so if Twin Rova shoots fire and you are using the Ice attack, don’t let the fire hit the shield. After each hit, Twin Rova will fall to the ground. Use this opportunity to whack her with the sword a few times. Repeat this process a couple times & all your hard work will be rewarded with a cool movie & a heart container!

Ganondorf: He’s pretty easy compared to the first one, that’s for sure. 🙂 Right off, go to a corner, because he will take out the floor around the platform. When he shoots his magic energy balls at you, hit them back to him with your sword. Keep doing it until he gets stunned. Now use a Light Arrow. When he falls to the platform, use the longshot to pull yourself towards him and use the sword on his tail. The Big Goron’s Sword makes the battle a lot easier & shorter. One of Ganondorf’s attacks is to make a big black ball of energy and throw it at you. It will split up into 4 smaller balls and you will get hurt bad if they hit you. Don’t bother with the Mirror Shield. The best way to defend yourself is to do a Whirling Blade Attack and reflect them back at Ganondorf. Repeat until dead. You’re in for a nice scene afterwards!

Ganon: OK this is it, I promise. 🙂 Make sure you have life and the Big Goron’s sword to make things easier. If you don’t have the sword, use the hammer. Ganon will follow you with those Big Ass swords and boy are you in for it if you get hit!! Z-Target his face & shoot him with a light arrow. Use either the sword or hammer on his tail. Z-target again to make things easier. Repeat until you can access the Master Sword. When you get the Master Sword, repeat the above process until he dies.