MIDI Music

NOTE: Mio T. of 64Zelda Music Studio sent me an email saying that people were taking her MIDIs off my site without asking her permission. If you want to use her MIDIs, please email her and get permission. Don’t ask me if you can use them.

Download all MIDIs at once.

Legend of Zelda

“Game Over!”
Level 9
Dungeon Remix

Adventures of Link

Great Palace
Boss Battle
Overworld theme
Palace House music
Cave theme
Town music
Dungeon music

A Link to the Past

Remixed Triforce Theme
Ganon’s Theme
Dark Mountain/Forest
Bunny Theme
Darkworld theme
Lightworld theme
Triforce theme
Fairy theme
End Game!
Lost Woods theme
Castle theme
Roll the Credits!
Second dungeon theme Soldier’s Theme
Fortune Teller’s House
Crystal Theme
Ganon’s Battle
Agahnim/Ganon Intro
Flute Boy’s tune
Sanctuary music
Kakariko Village
First dungeon music

Link’s Awakening

Animal Village theme
Tal Tal Mountains
Overworld Theme
Fairy music
Woods music
Cave music
Player Select
The Trendy Game
The Moblin’s Hideout
Mabe Village Theme Southern Face Shrine
Color Dungeon(Z4 DX)
Level 2, Bottle Grotto
Windfish’s Egg
Game Over!
Shop in the Village
Ballad of the Windfish
Dream Shrine

The Ocarina of Time

Ingo’s Theme By Mio T
Horse Race/Archery Range By Mio T
Owl’s Theme
Goron City
Lab/Poe Trader’s House
Fairy theme/File Select
Gerudo Valley
House theme
Ganon’s Theme
Kakariko Village
Kokiri Forest
Hyrule Castle Town
Windmill song
Lost Woods theme
Lon Lon Ranch Ice Cavern By Mio T
Zora’s Domain By Mio T
(regular)Battle Theme
Hyrule Field
Navie’s Theme
Temple of Time
Sheik’s Theme
Minigame Theme
Boss Battle
End Credits


Fields of Hyrule
Fields of Hyrule2
Remixed Dance Remix-Overworld
Remixed Cartoon theme
Overworld Remix Dance Remix-Overworld
Overworld Remix2
Overworld Remix3
Gerudo Valley Remix