Zelda DX

Since Zelda DX is pretty much the same as Zelda 4, I won’t go into too much detail here. I’ll just go over the extras.

How to enter the Color Dungeon:

After you have beaten Level 2, you can get to the Color Dungeon. Get to this place, then move the graves:

Graveyard, entrance to the Color Dungeon!

Move #1 down, #2 left, #3 up, #4 right, #5 up.

How to beat the Color Dungeon:

Once you get thru here, you have the choice to get a Red tunic, which increases offense, and a Blue tunic, which increases defense. (Would you rather have a Piece of Power for the rest of the game, or a Guardian Acorn?)

Color Dungeon Map

A. The Stalfos Guards will ask you the color of their shirt to make sure you have a Game Boy Color.

B. Hit the domes that are red with your sword to make a treasure chest appear.

C. When you stand on one of these tiles, you will bounce. Green tiles turn yellow when you stand on them, yellow tiles turn red, and red tiles disappear, creating a pit.

D. Bomb the wall to get a bunch of rupees.

E. Attack these creatures with your sword, and then use the Power Bracelet to throw them into the pit corresponding to their color.

b>F. Kill all the enemies to get a key.

G. Use Magic Powder to change the Buzz-blob into a bot, and attack with your sword to defeat it.

H. I don’t know what this thing is, but you have to keep attacking it or he’ll heal himself. When he’s blue, he has full life, the closer to red you can get him, the better off you are. I’d use arrows if you have them, or the sword.

Location of the 12 Printable Photos:

Sent in by Jamie Bernier

1. Link poses and gives a peace sign. Get this one by talking to the photographer and then standing at the top of the room in front of the curtain.

Alternate: There is an alternate photo number 1. To get it, you must answer every question that the photographer says with the answer “no”. It is a picture of Link looking stunned with freaky eyes.

2. When you have Marin, take her to the cliff at Toronbo Shores.

3. Marin falls on a very hurt Link. Very funny picture. Get this one by jumping down the well in Mabe Village while Marin is following you.

4. Take Marin to the Rooster statue in Mabe Village for this one.

5. Peek in the window to the right of the outside of Ulrira’s house.

6. Link poses with BowWow. Get this one by leaving Madam MeowMeow’s house right after returning BowWow to her.

7. A picture of Link stealing from the shop. Get this one by stealing from the shop.

8. Fisherman flapping in the water. Go to the fisherman under the bridge (the one you give the hook too) after having the magnifying lens.

9. Link and Zora together. Go into the empty house in the top right screen of the animal village after finding the magnifying lens.

10. Link and Richard in front of castle. Before lowering the drawbridge, go to the castle where the golden leaves are.

11. Link poses in front of the lone grave with the ghost. Get this one by standing in front of the lone grave after returning the ghost there.

12. Picture taken as poor cameraman plummets to the ground! Funny! Go to the chicken house in the mountains and go right from there two screens. Walk to the middle of the bridge.