Shy Guy: You’ll recognize him from the Mario games. Lives in the dungeons. He moves like Mimic, but use bombs or the Firer od to kill him.

Octorok: He’s an annoying little octopus that will spit rocks at you. Use the shield to block them, then attack with the sword.

Flying Octorok: He’s just like a normal Octorok, only he jumps away when you try to attack. It’s best to corner him, then use the Whirling Blade Attack.

Goponga Flower: These are found in the Goponga Swamp. The only way to get past these is to have BowWow eat them. Boomerang also works (thanks CJ).

Tektite: These spiders are found in the Tal Tal mountains. The sword works best, but you could also use arrows or fire.

Pols Voice: These long eared monsters are found in the dungeons. If you have the Ocarina, play Marin’s ‘Ballad of the Wind fish,’ and they will blow up.

Moblin: They can be found all over the overworld. They are easy to defeat with the sword.

Keese: These bats live in caves and dungeons. You could use the sword to get rid of them, as well as the boomerang, which is easier most of the time.

Bombite: These monsters come in two forms; One type will chase you if you attack it, then blow up. The other will move VERY FAST around the room, then blow up.

Bomber: He’s found in Turtle Rock. He’ll fly around and drop bombs on you. When you attack with the sword, he’ll move away quickly. One shot with the boomerang will do it.

Gel: They will pop up anywhere, in the woods, out of treasure chests, in the dungeons, you name it… If you attack with the sword, some of them will split, then cling onto you, so be careful.

Goomba: You could attack with the sword, but it’s better to jump on them. If you do, you’ll ALWAYS get a heart!

Ghost: This particular ghost is found in one of the dungeons. He will try to suck you up and if I remember correctly, take you back to the beginning:(

Mimick: You first encounter these in the Dream Shrine. In order to get the Ocarina, and in Level 3. Whenever you move, they mirror the same thing, so it’s best to move in close, then use the Whirling Blade Attack.

Leever: They live in the Yarna Desert, and on the Beach. the sword works best.

Geldman: They also live in the sand. Use the same method as with the Leevers.

Ghini: These ghosts live in the graveyard. They are extremely annoying. Whenever you touch a tombstone, they’ll come out, also, there’s some already there. Use the sword to defeat them.

Cactus: These are the same ones in SMB64. Use the sword and go for the head.

Bubble: These are found in the dungeons. If you use magic powder, they will turn into fairies.

Trap: These are found in the dungeons. There is no way to defeat them. When you get too close to some doorways, they’ll charge at you fast.

Water Tektite: These are found in Level 3. Treat them just like normal tektites. If they’re too much to handle and you have little life left, dive under the water until they move.

Stalfos Knight: These skeletons are pretty easy to defeat. The sword works OK, but they can’t stand the hookshot…

Three of a Kind: These things are a real pain in the @$$! Their suits will keep changing. if you manage to stop them all on the same suit, they will self-destruct. If you stop them all on hearts, that’s what you’ll get.

Urchin: These sea urchins live on the beach. If you don’t have your sword yet, use the shield to push them out of the way.

Like-Like: They live in the lower Tal Tal mountain area. They’ll wrap themselves around you and you’ll have a hard time getting out. Use the whirling blade attack, or arrows if you’re low on life.