Sword: You can retrieve your lost sword at the Toronbo Shores, south of Mabe Village.

Shield: When you first start out, talk to Tarin and he will give it to you.

Magic Powder: When you retreive the Sleepy Mushroom, go to the Witch’s Hut and she will make you some. You could also get it at the Trendy Game.

Roc’s Feather: This will allow you to jump. Find it at the Tail Cave, level 1.

Sleepy Mushroom: These grow in the Mysterious Woods. When you find it, take it to the witch’s hut.

Power Bracelet: With this, you will have the power to lift heavy objects. You will find it in Level 2, Bottle Grotto.

Boomerang: After you beat Level 5, you should be able to find the Goriya in a cave on the beach. he will trade the shovel for the boomerang.

Crazy Tracy’s Medicine: When you meet Crazy Tracy, who lives just east of Mabe Village, she will sell you some of her medicine. When you lose all your life, it will restore you.

Fire rod: This is found in Eagle’s Tower. It’s used to defeat Hot Head, and melt ice.

Shovel: You can buy this in the Mabe Village Shop. It’s used for….

Bombs: You could get these at the Mabe Village shop, but to make room, you have to buy the shovel first. You could also find them from killing enemies, especially Bombites.

Bow and Arrows: The Bow is REALLY expensive. You get it at the Mabe Village Shop. Arrows are found all over, by killing things.

Pegasus Boots: You get these in Level 3. They enable you to run fast and dash thru/into things.

Flippers: These are in Level 4. Now you can swim in deep waters.

Ocarina: This is a very important item. You will learn three songs, and you need them to progress in the game. The Ocarina is hidden in the Dream Shrine, in Mabe Village. You can’t get in unless you have the Power Bracelet.

Hookshot: You get this in Level 5. It’s used to kill things and pull yourself across holes. Very handy.

Magnifying Glass: After doing a few favors, you can get this from the hidden passage under the Mermaid Statue. It will enable you to see enemies you couldn’t see before. You could also use it to read small print…

Level 2 Sword: After you get 20 Secret Seashells, go the the Shell Mansion and see what happens…

Level 2 Shield: You’ll find this in Turtle Rock. Now you will be protected from the Incinerator and lasers.

Level 2 Bracelet: This is in Face Shrine. It’s just a stronger version of the first one. Now you can lift the Elephant Stones.