Cheats & Codes

Sent in by Kevin McGinty
to have marin come after you with a sword just go to the area where asecret shell is in the bushes and use the warp trick and go to the right and she will be after you.

Sent in by Cliff Halverson
In Links Awakening, you don’t need the mirror shield to get past the incinerator to get to Turtle Rock. You can get past it with your usual shield and Crazy Tracy’s special medicine. Keep moving towards the Incinerator with your L1 shield up til you run out of energy. when you do, Crazy Tracy’s medicine kicks in, and you have just enough time to get past the incinerator. I find this very useful since you can beat Eagle’s Tower boss with the Magic Rod instead of the sword. It saves you a LOT of trouble and lives!!

Sent in by James Durden.
How to get in the egg without any instruments
To do this trick don’t worry about going to the library to get directions,
(1) You won’t need them. First go to the Quadruplets House.From the right side of the house where you give the baby a yoshi doll. Go to the very top of the room. (Use the warp trick)
(2) Warp to the left and go through the wall. You should be on the top right part of the well. Where you got your first heart piece.
(3) Go up from here. You’ll be on a raised area. You will notice that there is a dark area with cracks and a white smooth area.
(4) get into the white and go up anywhere within that area. You jump off in a cave that probably looks familiar. Don’t go through the door or the stairs (you’ll have to start the trick over) from the side with stairs warp left
(5) Go through the wall you are on another raised area. Go to the top right corner and move right. You are still on a raised area move as far right as you can go without jumping go up and press right to jump off the wall and now jump in the hole.Since you skip the maze this trick is helpful even if have the instruments. There are several other ways to do (5) but you must follow 1-4 exactly.

Music change at player select screen: Start a new game and enter you name as “ZELDA.”

Warp Trick: If you go to the edge of the screen and as you are walking to the next screen press select and it will bring up the map and then you just press select again and if you do it at exactly the right time then you will end up on the opposite side of the screen that you would normally be on…it is good for going places that you couldn’t normally go. Its called the Glitch Screen Cheat.

Free Items: When u go into a shop, u can take something without paying for it. Just pick up the item u want to get and run around the little dude and run out as fast as u can.

Missile Trick: Equip you Bombs and Arrows, then push both A and B at the same time. It’s a handy trick for killing Wizzrobes.
Game Genie Codes
Code Description
013045DB Infinite Arrows
01304DDB Infinite Bombs
01204CDB Infinite Magic Powder
01185ADB Infinite Health
FAO-999-4C1 Infinite energy
09C-56B-E6E+09C-74A-E6E All items you get start at maximum power.
054-EE9-E6E Get 5 rupees for each single rupee.
324-EE9-E6E Get 50 rupees for each single rupee.
FF4-EE9-E6E Get 255 rupees for each single rupee.
FAF-BDA-4C1+FAF-B2A-4C1 Infinite rupees.
12E-79E-EFA You will always shoot arrows (if you have them or not) without deleting your supply
DEF-9BB-7OC+DEF-8BC-7OC+DEF-7BD-7OC This code messes up the graphics on a screen inside a cave,house,etc when you walk between screens it jams up turn code off to move and walah a new spot some are on top of walls in caves but be careful there are pits one can never get out of.
346-708-FEC No people or monsters (except in rooms you start in i.e. like when you load a game, or walk into a house. This DOES work in the Labyrinths.) NOTE I have found a side effect to this code, and it’s pretty weird. When you walk into a solid object like a fence or a house, the game makes this zapping noise and you walk strange. Say you walk going right into a fence. Instead of pushing the fence, you walk up, through walls and anything else in the way(except people). The code makes it look like maybe and animal village are abandoned. You can also use the side effect to skip fighting the nightmare and just get the instrument.
BA8-75C I’d like some more testing done on this. This code enables you to take something from one room (like people or monsters) and put them in a nearby one. You CAN take items for a long distance but you end up getting everybody/thing in every other room you cross. This makes the game run really slow, and the items get distorted across a long distance. You can take secret seashells and move them around to get enough for your sword upgrade. You cannot enter a house or a cave and keep your stuff. A neat thing I noticed about this code is that you can shut the owl up, move him into adjacent room, then kill him with your sword. Unfortunately, he returns to blab at you and tell you the stuff you already know.
EA1-928 This is a PERFECT walk through walls code. You can walk through anything(except people). The only thing is, you need the Roc’s Feather to end the effects. (The fishing mouse in Mabe village works too if you play the fishing game) The screen turns white immediately after you turn the code on. Use the save function, and return to game to remedy this. IF you use the roc’s feather while codes are on, the screen will change funky colors.
9B3-34B-218 With this code you get a flame wand that auto fires about every 8 seconds. It does not interfere with other weapons, and will not fire if you are doing the power sword slash.
00D-EAD This code just messes up the graphics of the people, and animals, and I’m pretty sure the monsters too.
DEA-D08 Monsters and animals can drift off screen, especially the right hand side. For example: the chickens in mabe village. Swat one with a sword and get him to run to the right. He will go through almost anything, and off screen on the right. Walk to the right(without leaving the screen) and he will wrap around the other side.
A28-93B If you are not walking when this code is on you will automatically fly up to the top of the screen (will work on every single frame).
525-21B Use your Feather to jump or jump off a cliff, you will land on your stomach and keep on skidding as if you were riding on a sled.