Moldorm: This giant worm is easy to defeat if you stay away from the edge of the platform. He won’t take damage unless you hit him in the tail. Get him 4-6 times, but watch out! He goes much faster after the 5th hit. If he knocks you off the edge, you will have to start over.

Genie: First, you have to break his bottle. In order to do that, you must wait until he’s done with the fireballs. When he starts jumping at you, hit the bottle once with the sword, then use the power bracelet to throw the bottle against the wall. Repeat the process three more times. Now he will move around the center of the room VERY fast. When he stops to throw fireballs at you, GET HIM! Do it 3-4 times and he’s dead.

Slime Eyes: Make sure you have the pegasus boots. You have to run into a wall to make him drop from above, then dash into him until he splits. Now, just use the sword.

Angler fish: All you have to do is hit him in the head with the sword. Just keep going until he’s dead. Don’t worry too much about getting hit.

Slime Eel: This guy’s pretty annoying. Make sure you have the hookshot before you fight him. When you go into the room, he will charge thru the wall to create 4 openings. When he comes out, grab him with the hookshot and whack him with the sword. Go for the heart on his neck. If he doesn’t have one, that means he’s a fake. Watch out for his tail, which seems to have a mind of it’s own.

Facade: This guy’s pretty easy. Just bomb him.

Hot Head: This is kinda weird, Make sure you have the fire rod before you fight him. Stay at the edge of the room and have at it!

Evil Eagle: He is the biggest pain in the @$$! It took me awhile to figure out. He will use a variety of attacks. When he flies above you, use either the hookshot or the sword. When he charges you, hold your sword so he’ll run into it. When he starts forcing you off the edge, use the shield and run like crazy towards him. If he pushes you off, you will have to start over. It may take awhile to beat him.

The Nightmares: They are a variety of “shadow” bosses from Link’s past. First, you face a giant Gel. Sprinkle Magic powder on him three times to defeat him. Next, you will fight against a Moldorm. Go for his tail a few times and he’s gone. Now comes Agahnim. When he throws his fireballs at you, hit them back with the sword. After that, you face Ganon. Use your pegasus shoes and keep dashing into him. Don’t worry too much about getting hit, just keep going. Now, you will go up against Dethl. He’s the last one. Make sure you have selected Roc’s Feather and your Boomerang. When he swings his arms at you, jump over them, then shoot at his eye when it opens.


Cueball: When he come around a corner, use the Whirling Blade Attack or jump over him with Roc’s Feather, then use the Whirling Blade Attack.

Gohma: Shoot arrows at him when he opens his eye. Don’t worry about the one on top until you defeat the first one.

Stalfos Knight: He will attempt to whack you with his sword a few times, then hit him with your sword. When he collapses, place a bomb on him. Do this 2-4 times and he’s gone.

Smasher: This is a big eye thing that will throw a heavy ball at you. All you have to do is get to it before he does, then throw it back. Hit him 4 times and he’s dead.

Hinox: He’s a really big version of the one in Zelda III. Watch out for his bombs. You can use either bombs or the sword to get rid of him. If you get too close for too long, he will pick you up and throw you around, so be careful.

Blaino: A real pain in the butt. This boxing penguin is the hardest of the mini-bosses to beat. Make sure you have the Roc’s Feather. Go towards him and use the Whirling Blade Attack, but jump out of the way REALLY fast or he will punch you back to the beginning of the level.

Dodongo Snakes: These are pretty easy to beat. Just place bombs in front of them so they’ll eat them. It takes three bombs per snake.

Rolling Bones: Use the Roc’s Feather to jump over that rolling thing on the floor and just swing the sword like crazy. It only takes a few hits.

Turtle Rock: When you first get to the entrance of Turtle Rock, after playing “the frog’s song of soul” on the Ocarina, the head will come alive. In order to kill it, you have to use the sword.

Grim Creeper: I forgot which level he’s in, but to get to him, you have to endure the birds he sends after you. They always come in some type of formation. Stand in one spot and attack them with the sword. When the birds are all gone, get the main bird, Grim Creeper.

Armos Knight: He is found southeast of Animal Village. You need to defeat him so you can get the Face Key. Make sure you are stocked up on arrows. You will need about 20-25 of them. The first few will take out his shield. The next few, his helmet, then a few more and the key is yours!

Lanmola: He is in the Yarna Desert. When you get to him, watch out for the quicksand. When he comes up out of the ground, use the sword and go for his tail. When you defeat him, you will be rewarded with the key to the next level. If, for some reason, the key gets sucked into the quicksand, go in after it and you will end up in an underground cave where you can retreive the key.

King Moblin: He kidnapped Madam MeowMeow’s pet “dog” BowWow. Your mission, if you choose to accept it, is to rescue the “dog” from King Moblin. Here’s how to defeat him. He will shoot some arrows at you, then charge at you. Stay out of the way. Sometimes, he’ll run into the wall and hurt himself. Now’s the time to attack him with the sword. Repeat the process a few times.