Moblins: A bulldog-like goblin who lives in the forest. He attacks by throwing spears. A little bit meaner than Octorok.

Octorok: A type of octopus that lives above ground. There are two types, red and blue. Watch out for the blue ones. They’re mean. They spit out rocks at Link

Zola: Half fish, half woman. When she comes out of the water, she blows fireballs out at Link. His small shield won’t work.

Armos Knight: He is a statue-Knight thing. When Link touches him, he comes alive and goes crazy.

Zol: He is found in the Underworld. Just hit him with the sword, or burn him with the candle.

Darknut: He blocks frontal attacks with his shield and is skilled in using a sword.

Bubble: These are found in the Underworld. When you get hit by them, you can’t use your sword for a period of time.

Gel: These little guys are easy to beat with a boomerang or sword. They are found in the Underworld.

Ghini: These ghosts are found in the graveyard. Use the sword to defeat them.

Gibdo: These are slow, but powerful mummies. The sword works best. If you can’t afford to handle a lot of them, use the boomerang to stun them, then go for it!

Goriya: These little devils attack with boomerangs, but they’re pretty slow. The blue ones are stronger than the red ones.

Keese: These bats are easily defeated by the sword or boomerang. They are also pretty slow.

Lammola: These worms are fast and strong. The blue ones are much harder to beat than the red ones.

Leever: These little monsters live in the desert and near the water. They come up out of the ground to attack Link. The blue ones are stronger than the red ones. Use the sword…

Like-Like: These tube-like monsters will wrap themselves around Link and eat his Magical Shield. It’s best to attack from a distance unless you know what you are doing.

Lynel: These dog like creatures throw swords at Link. Only the Magical Shield will protect. If you don’t have a lot of life, stun them with the boomerang, then use the sword.

Moldorm: These worms are very slow and easy to defeat. Use the sword.

Patra: These are very easy to defeat. Go for the small red ones first, then the blue one.

Peahat: The “flower ghosts” can only be defeated when they are asleep. Use the recorder to put them to sleep, the get ’em with the sword.

Pols Voice: Ghosts with long ears that jump around the room. They are VERY hard to defeat unless you have the bow. One shot will do.

Rock: These falling rocks can’t be eliminated. They are found in Death Mountain.

Rope: These snakes charge at Link at very high speeds, but they are VERY weak. One/two shots with the sword will do them in.

Stalfos: Live skeletons that attack with swords. They are slow and easily defeated.

Tektite: jumping spiders that can be hard to get a hold of. Stun them with the boomerang or just use the sword. The red ones are much faster than the blue ones.

Trap: When Link gets too close, they will charge at very high speeds, They cannot be defeated.

Vire: These are pretty easy to defeat, but if you don’t have a strong enough sword, they will split into two keese.

Wallmaster: Big hands that live in the walls. they will grab Link and take him back to the beginning. They are easily defeated by the sword.

Wizzrobe: Annoying magicians that cast magic spells and disappear a lot. The blue one fly around the room and are much harder to defeat. Use the sword. Bombs might work for the red ones if you time it right.