Boomerang: Use this to stun or kill certain enemies. Also used to pick up items enemies leave behind. Found in Level 1.

Magic Boomerang: Just like the boomerang, only better. Found in Level 2.

Bomb: Used to blow up secret doors and caves. They’re found all over Hyrule.

Bow: Used to shoot arrows. Found in Level 1.

Arrow: Self explanatory. Find a store and buy some for 80 rupees. From then on, you will lose one rupee each time you shoot an arrow.

Silver Arrow: These are used to defeat Ganon. They are in Level 9.

Red Candle: Use this to burn things or light up a room. It’s better than the blue candle because you have unlimited use in a screen or room. You find it in Level 7.

Blue Candle: Just like the Red Candle. The only difference is that you can only use it once in a screen.

Blue Ring: Cuts Link’s damage in half. You need 250 rupees to buy it in a store.

Red Ring: Cuts Link’s damage in half again. It’s located in Level 9.

Small Shield: Link starts out with it. It is not very good. It only protects you from rocks and arrows.

Magic Shield: Protects from magic/fire attacks. You can buy one for a minimum of 90 rupees.

Wood Sword: This is the sword Link starts out with. You get it the first screen, where there is a cave. Talk to the old man and you will get it.

White Sword: A little better than the first one. After you get 4 heart containers, go to the waterfall area on Lower Death Mountain. Go up the ladder, beat the blue thing that shoots swords. (Watch out! Your small shield can’t protect you against them.) Go in the cave and get it.

Magic Sword: After you have 12 heart containers, go to the graveyard and get it by pushing back a tombstone.

Magic Rod: With this, you can shoot magic beams. Pretty useless until you get the book. Found in Level 6.

Magic Book: When you use the Rod, a flame will appear when the beam hits something. Found in Level 8.

Letter: Give it to the old lady who sells potion. It is near the White sword.

Red Potion: Refills your life twice. Find a medicine shop and pay 68 rupees.

Blue Potion: Refills your life once. Go to a shop and pay 40 rupees.

rupees: Hyrulian currency. Find them all over the land.

Magic Key: Opens ALL locked doors. It’s in Level 8.

Map: Navigation device. One to each level.

Compass: Navigation device. One in each level.

Raft: Transports Link to the Islands. Found in Level 3.

Stepladder: Used to help Link across small gaps. Find it in Level 4.

Whistle: Takes Link back to levels already mastered, accesses Level 7, used as a weapon against the boss in Level 5.

Power Bracelet: Gives Link the power to move big rocks.

Bait: Feeds the “Grumble, Grumble…” guys in certain levels. It costs 60+ rupees.

Clock: Stops all enemies and makes Link invincible for one screen.