Cheats & Codes

Sent in by waldo
Digdogger will die quicker if you shoot him with arrows after you blow the whistle.

Start at the Second Quest: enter your name as ZELDA and you will start your game at the second quest.

Fast Money: Start a game and go left 1 screen. There is a place where you can bomb the wall. Find it and go in, then play the money making game. If you don’t gain money, press start, then get controller 2 and press (UP and A) Continue without saving. (retry) Keep doing that until you have how much you need.

Game Genie Codes
Code Description
AVVLAUSZ You don’t take any damage.
YYKPOYZZ Create character with 8 hearts.
NYKPOYZX Create character with 16 hearts.
SZVXASVK You won’t lose money when you buy something.
SZVXASVK+AEVEVALG You get ALL items for free.
SZNZVOVK Infinite bombs.
ESKUILTA Wear a blue ring.
OSKUILTA Wear a red ring.