Aquamentus Image

Aquamentus: A unicorn that shoots fireballs at Link. Only the Magic shield will block them. Use either bombs or the sword. Go for the head

Dodongo Image

Dodongo: He’s a powerful rhino that can only be defeated by bombs. You could either place the bombs right in front of him so he eats them, or make sure he’s in the smoke when they explode.

Manhandla Image

Manhandla: A large man-eating flower. Watch out for fireballs. To defeat him, plant a bomb near him and he will lose a “head”. Swords work when you are low on bombs. Each time you take out one of his heads, he goes faster.

gleeok Image

Gleeok: A beast with 2-4 heads. You have to hit the heads, then go for whatever’s left. Watch out! The heads will fly around and attack with fireballs.

Digdogger Image

Digdogger: A sea urchin that can’t stand loud noises! To defeat him, use the whistle, the when he separates, use the sword. Bombs could also work, but it’s not as easy to do.

Gohma Image

Gohma: A large crab with a hard protective shell, and good aim with fireballs. The only way to defeat him is to shoot arrows at him when he opens his eye. The blue ones are a little stronger.

Ganon Image

Ganon: He’s the big guy. Make sure you have lots of life potion. When you start out, Ganon will be invisible, and shooting fireballs at you. Swing your sword in that general area. If you hit Ganon, he will appear for a second. Hit him with the sword, then shoot him with the Silver Arrow.