Fan Fiction

This is where your writing career takes off! Just keep it decent people. They need to be well-written & legible. Maybe use spell check. 🙂

Note that I’m not responsible for anyone getting offended by any of this content. If something here should be labeled ‘NC-17’, let me know & I’ll read thru it again & label it.

Golden Love, Golden Sorrow (Word .doc)
Missing Link (Word .doc, rated NC-17)
My Dearest Enemy (Word .doc)

LoZ: The Mages of Darkness
Part 1
Part 2

By Juliet & Kirsty Singleton
Zelda: Battle for Power
The Dark Empowerment
The Third Triforce
The Amulet of Nagul

Zelda: The Next Saga
Future’s Past
Darkness Comes

By Susanne
Time Trouble
Part 1
Part 2
Part 3
Part 4
Part 5
Part 6
Part 7
Part 8
Zelda In Trouble

Legend of Zelda, Sages of Evil
Part 1
Part 2
The Return of the Evil Sages

By Jason Boaz
Night of the Evil Twins
Chapter 1: The Return of the Doppelganger
Chapter 2: Spirit of the Gerudo
Chapter 3: The Battle of the Sages

The Legend of Zelda; Ganon’s Deadly Trio

Short Stories
The Beginning of Futaki By:
Nadida – By
The Fallen Sage – By The Mariner
The Lost Realm – Prologue – By Link’o’Man
A Love Between Two – By Link and Zelda
Link’s Cousin – By Shannon
King Jaeboreng’s Request – By Action The Great
Nightmare of Destruction – By Mark Barton