These people have been very helpful to me in creating The Realms of Hyrule. I would like to take this opportunity to say “Thank you!!” If you think you should be updated, added or removed from this list, email me.

B “Anju” Brown – Submitted fanart
CJ – Additional monster strat for z4 – Submitted hyrule_field2 & 3 remixes
Suzanne Lucero – Submitted gvalleymix.mid – Walkthru for Zelda 6
Zero – Did Javascript for the Jukebox.
JersyDvl – RoH button – Sent in Midi Overworld and Kakariko Village Remix
Asa’s Web site> – Music (japanese version, english doesn’t work.)
Link’s Oracle – Music
64Zelda Music Studio – Music from Zelda 5 Sent in MIDIs: “Overture”, “Gerudo Remix”
Zelda Power – Sounds – Walkthru for zelda 3
Zelda64 Kingdom – Music
Taron Millet – Walkthru for Zelda 5
NES World – New walkthrus for Zelda 1, 2, and 4.
Videogame Music Archive – Music
The Golden Land – Music for zelda 5
The Unofficial World of Nintendo – Images, Music, Game Genie codes, Tricks/Cheats
Zelda Headquarters – Images, Maps, Music, Stories for Zelda I and Zelda IV, Walkthru for Zelda IV
I’m not sure who This Person is, but he helped a lot with the Characters and Bosses.