The Legend of Zelda Cartoon series aired in the late 1980s and there were 13 episodes. Link and Zelda also made four appearances in the Captain N The GameMaster Cartoon series. Below are quick reviews on each episode.


The Ringer
Ganon joins the Hyrule magic contest to try to get an opportunity to steal the Triforce of Wisdom

Sing for the Unicorn
A mysterious young woman appears to take her unicorn back from Ganon.

Kiss n’ Tell
A Gibdo in disguise tricks Link in to saving her and turns him into a frog.

Zelda finds a strange mirror in her room which is actually a portal to Ganon’s realm.

Fairies in the Spring
The construction of the King’s water park is interrupted by strange water monsters.

The Missing Link
Link is killed by Ganon’s magic staff. Zelda and Link’s ghost attempt to retrieve Link’s body
from the Evil Jar.

Underworld Connections
the Triforce of Wisdom is split into 3, and Link and Zelda must venture into the underworld to retrieve 2 of the pieces.

The Moblins are Revolting
The Moblins steal Ganon’s capture staff and seal him in a magic bubble. Then try to take over Hyrule themselves.

The White Knight
There’s a new man in Zelda’s life, but is he really the man of her dreams?

Cold Spells
Spring cleaning is interrupted when Ganon casts a spell on Spryte and steals the Triforce of Wisdom.

Stinging a Stinger
Link get swindled out of his sword, and into some trouble.

A Hitch in the Works
A time of peace brings on more trouble then it’s worth.

That Sinking Feeling
Ganon tries to capture Link and Zelda with a Magic Magnet, but gets a Cupid Statue instead, which enrages Zelda.