Bubble: They live in swampy areas. They come up out of the water in a straight vertical line. Be careful not to let them knock you off a cliff.

Doomknocker: Found in palaces 3 and up. Watch out for the clubs he throws at you. It’s best to use the down thrust as you jump over him.

Rope: He’s an annoying little snake who shoots beams at you. In the last palace they’re red and they shoot fireballs at you. It’s best to use the down thrust to defeat them.

Magician: He’s mostly found in The Maze Island Palace. In order to defeat him, you need the Reflect spell. Otherwise, his spells won’t go back at him.

Wizard: These are found in level 5. They appear/disappear and shoot fireballs. It’s best to forget about them, but if you need 200 exp. points, use the down thrust.

Flying Unicorn Head: These are found in the palaces. They fly around the room hoping to knock the inexperienced player off bridges into the lava. 🙁 It’s best to use the down thrust. They also steal exp. points. There are red ones in the last palace, but they aren’t much stronger than the blue ones.

Tektite: Only the fire spell will kill him…

Skullball: These are found in the palaces. When you get hit, you will lose magic. Some of them are very fast. With attack level 8, it takes 11 shots to kill him.

Scorpion: It’s best to use the down thrust when the eye is open, but watch out. He will shoot fireballs out of his tail.

Soprano: He lives in the last palace. Watch out for the fireballs he throws at you, then when he stops briefly, go in and get him with the sword.

Rat Head: These are found in the palaces. Very easy to defeat, but they steal exp. points, so be careful. Use the sword.

Mago: He can be found in the palaces. Watch out for the hammers. When he stops briefly, go in and get him with the sword.

Lizardman: These things are extremely strong, but easy to defeat if you know what you are doing. Watch out for his weapons, and go for his head. You have to jump towards him, then whack him. The red ones use an axe, and the blue ones throw hammers. Make sure you have lots of life.

Basilisk: You have to use the fire spell to kill him, but watch out for his beams.

Leever: These monsters come up out of the sand and attack. Use the down thrust to get rid of him.

Bird Knight: These are only in the last palace. Use the upthrust when he jumps over you. Watch out for the beams he shoots at you. The blue ones are stronger than the red ones.

Wolf Head: He’s found in the third palace. They come in hoards and spit beams at you. They are VERY annoying, but weak.

Eye: These are found all over eastern Hyrule. You can only kill them when the eyes are open. They’re pretty slow, but strong.

BagoBago: You can find him in many places. He will steal exp. points if you get hit. Watch out for rocks. In the last palace, he throws fireballs. The sword works best.

Megmat: This thing will jump at you, and there’s usually more than one on the screen. It’s best to use the upward thrust. He’s pretty easy to defeat.

Big Skull: He’s just like the small ones. If you get hit, you will lose some magic. Sometimes he will split into Small Skulls, so be carefull.

Big Bot: He is only found in the Great Palace. When you attack him, he will turn into a lot of regular Bots. Just defeat them as you would a normal Bot.

Boon: This giant bug is pretty easy to defeat when you have the upward thrust. watch out for the rocks he will spit at you.

Acheman: Just like the blue Ache, only he turns into a dragon and shoots fireballs. Kill him before he lands.

Bit: (red) & Bot (blue): Jelly like monster that wobbles about. Watch out! bot jumps.

Ache: A bat that lives in dark places. Usually it hangs upside down from trees on in caves.

Geldarm: A huge bug that stretches from the ground to the sky. you can’t defeat it unless you inflict damage to its head.

Goriya: A little devil that attacks link by using a boomerang. fend off the boomerang with the shield.

Lowder: a beetle that slithers as it crawls.

Moblin: He attacks lind by throwing spears, but moves slowly.

Deeler: Moves up and down by a string suspended from a tree. blue deelers drop to the ground to attack link.

Moby: attacks link by flying straight down out of the sky, it has little life power, but moves quickly.

Octorok: an octopus that bounces and attacks by spitting out rocks.

Daira: a soldier that attacks with an ax. link’s shield won’t work.

Moa: a ghost that flies around. you can’t see all of them unless you have a cross.

Ironknuckle: an iron warrior chosen by the king. a very strong enemy who can use a shield and sword. he exists in many forms.

Myu: a small slime with thorns protruding from its body. to defeat it use a downward thrust.

Stalfos: a skeleton warrior that can use a sword, but not a shield.