Cheats & Codes

Quick Quit: You can quit your game by pausing (pressing start) and pressing Up+A on control 2. Fast

Experience: You need at least one character in your cart who has beaten the game. Have the old character beat a castle, then quit the game (pause and press Up+A on control 2). Save the game, then immediately begin playing with your new player. When the game starts, his experience will ZOOM up.

Odd warp: In any palace, find a room with falling blocks that would normally build a wall filling up the entire screen. What you need to do is get to the very top of this brick wall. When you do, use FAIRY, then press Up. You will be transported to the first palace.

Fairy Keys: You can cast the fairy spell to by pass doors you don’t have keys for! Just sneak through the keyhole with the fairy! Before you go becoming a fairy 🙂 just remember that fairy’s can’t pick up special items!

Fast Walking: If you hold up and down at the same time, you go right real fast. This can be useful at places like when you walk along the fence and those lizardmen throw rocks. This will not work on emulators, so for those who don’t have the original game.

Game Genie Codes
Code Description
SZKGKXVK Link has infinite lives.
PASKPLLA Link starts with 1 life.
TASKPLLA Link starts with 6 lives.
PASKPLLE Link starts with 9 lives.
AZUOLIAL Mega jump
OYKEEVSA+NPKEOVVA Swap shield spell for Fire spell.
LYKEEVSA+VAKEOVVE Swap shield spell for Spell spell.
LZKEEVSA+OPKEOVVA Swap shield spell for Fairy spell.
IIKEEVSE+VAKEOVVE Swap shield spell for Life spell.
VTKEEVSA+OPKEOVVA Swap shield spell for Thunder spell.
GXNAESON Infinite magic
AAUOLIAL Link can fly in the direction he jumps if you hold down the A button.
IIPPPP Alter the map screen. May only alter the Northern part of the map.
VVPPAA When entering a town, cave, etc. you will fall from the sky. You can walk on the roofs of places that have them to possibly skip areas/enemies. May also alter the area itself if you are on a roof.
ISISPP Links runs left/right very fast when in an area.
EEPEAX No Monsters on Overworld Map. When in side a side view screen the screen is a little messed up, but it still works.