Hoarder: These little bugs won’t harm you. They live in the Light World under rocks or in bushes. If you find them, they’ll run around throwing rupees.

Spider: He’s found in lots of dungeons. Use the sword, but be careful, you’ll get bounced back because of his shell (or whatever that thing is). He kinda looks like a Crystal Switch. The red ones are much stronger and faster than the blue ones.

Bug: A little green beetle that charges fast at Link and then bumps him. Pots are good, but you can also use arrows, or the Hookshot. Sword also works.

Lizard: The red or blue things that live in Gargoyle’s Domain. The red ones breathe fire.

No name available: This red or green guy breathes fire (about 2 or 3 balls at a time) at Link and he is located in the Dark Palace and Tower of Hera.

Chain Comp and Cactus: Just like the ones from Mario. They can’t be defeated.

Mole: These are the “posts” you pound down with the hammer in the Darkworld. They won’t harm you.

BuzzBlob: Green jelly things that electrocute you if you hit them with the sword. First throw the Boomerang at them, then use the sword. You can also throw things at them.

Goriya: A red or green monster you find in the dungeons or caves. Some will wake up and chase you if you get close. Others will copy your movements, and the red ones will shoot fire at you. Shoot 1 arrow at the green ones, 2 at the red ones. For the first type, they have to be facing you.

Crow: A bird that lives near/on trees. If you get close, they’ll fly into you. Use sword.

Raven: Darkworld equivalent of the Crow.

Freezor: He lives in the Ice Palace. When you get near him, he’ll come out of the wall and chase you. The only way to defeat him is to use the fire rod.

Zirro: These birdlike monsters live in the darkworld, mostly near water or swampy areas. They fly away when you attack directly, so the best method is to use the Whirling Blade Attack or if you have full life, use the Beam Attack. The green ones throw bombs.

Turtle: He lives in the Dark Palace. Use the Hammer to to flip him over. That will expose his weak point. Now use the sword to finish him off.

Beamos: There’s no way to defeat these. They are statues that shoot lasers at you.

Clutch: He’s mostly found in Level 3. He will drop down from the ceiling and grab you, then take you to the entrance. You could use the sword, but he hates pots and fire.

Zora: These are found in the water all over Hyrule. They shoot fire, so make sure you have a decent shield. If you are in shallow waters, you can use the sword to defeat them. You always get bombs.

Vulture: These are found in the desert. When you get too close, they will circle around you. The ice rod is good for getting them down, If you want to refill your magic, and you have the hammer, go for it…

Pou: These ghosts are found at the graveyard. The best method is the sword.

Skeleton: These guys are pretty smart. When you try to use the sword, they will jump away, the reddish ones will throw bones at you. If you corner them and use the Whirling Blade Attack, it will work, but they can’t stand pots. You could also use arrows, fire, etc.

Bubbles: You first encounter these in Level 1. They can’t be defeated, you just have watch out for them.

Statues: These come in many forms. Some shoot fire, others shoot lasers. In some levels, watch for eyes in the walls. They will open up and shoot lasers at you when you go by. They can’t be defeated.

Swamola: He’s found in the deep waters of Misery Mire. When he comes up, use the sword.

Rock: These falling rocks are found in Death Mountain. They can’t be defeated, you just have to watch for them.

Trap: Found in the dungeons. There’s no way to defeat him, but don’t get too close to him. He will move fast and try to crush you. The best way to get past him, if you don’t know his movements, is to use the Magic Cape or the blue staff.

Pickitt: He lives in the Dark World. you can easily defeat him with the sword, but watch out! he seems to have an appetite for shields. When you kill him, you will get back the LAST thing he grabbed from you.

Pengator: He is the main bad guy in Level 5. He attacks by sliding over the ice towards you. It’s best to use the Ether Magic or the Whirling Blade Attack.

OnOff: He is found in the dungeons. he charges himself up with power, so you can only use the sword when he is not flashing. You can use the fire rod or arrows at any time.

Crab: This spider is not a jumping spider, but he moves fast and takes a bit of life. He’s found all over, mainly near the Ice Cave. Arrows are good, or use the sword.

Tektite: A jumping spider monster found in Death Mountain. The Whirling Blade Attack works best for him.

Octorock: He is found in every Zelda game, in the Overworld. He runs around spitting rocks out at you. Use the shield to block them, then use the sword.

Agahnim: He is Ganon’s Wizard friend; one of the biggest bosses. For info on how to beat him, check out the Zelda III FAQ, or the Zelda III boss page.

Moblin: He is an inhabitant of the Light World. There are many ways to defeat this weak enemy.

Ball ‘N Chain Trooper: This soldier lives in the dungeons. Use the sword to defeat him. Watch out for the chain!

Stalfos Knight: hit him with the sword, then bomb him.

Gibdos: a mummy that can take many hits from the sword, but he can’t stand fire!

Geldman: a sand monster who is easily defeated by the sword.

Hinox: use either a sword or the more reccommended bombs.

Snap Dragon: the sword works.

Helmasaur: sword works, but attack from behind.

Wizzrobe: the sword will do him in, but watch out for his magic spells!