Magic Mirror: When you meet an old man in the caves of Death Mountain, he’ll give it to you. Now, you can travel safely between the Light World and Dark World.

Silver Arrows: These are needed to defeat Ganon. the Fat Fairy at the Pyramid of Power will give them to you.

Bombs: These are found all over Hyrule. You get them by killing enemies, smashing pots, bushes, etc.

Fighter’s Sword: This is the sword Link starts with. He gets it from his Uncle. It’s in the Hyrule castle secret entrance.

Master Sword: After getting the pendants, it can be retrieved in the Lost Woods.

Bronze Sword: This is an upgraded version of the Master Sword. When the two Smithies are reunited, they will temper your sword.

Golden Sword: This is the best sword around. Take the super bomb to the pyramid and place it in front of the cracked wall. When you go inside, throw your bronze sword into the pond.

Mirror Shield: This is the best shield you can get. It will protect you from lasers. It is found in Level 7, Turtle Rock.

Moon Pearl: This orb is located in the Tower of Hera. When you have the Moon Pearl, you will not change shape in the Dark World.

Boomerang: This is found in a treasure chest in Hyrule Castle. It’s use for killing enemies and getting items from a distance.

Blue armor: This armor cuts Link’s damage in half. It’s found in Level 5.

Bombos: This medallion is found near the desert. When you use it, it emits magic power everywhere and it kills all the enemies in the screen.

Bottle: There are 4 of them scattered in Hyrule. 2 in the village, one under a bridge, and the other in a chest the Blacksmith gives you. The use is pretty much self explanatory.:)

Bow and Arrows: The bow is found in Level 1 and the arrows are found all over. They are used to kill enemies/bosses.

Staff of Byrna: This item protects Link from enemy attacks, but it takes A LOT of magic. It is found in a cave in the Dark World near Ganon’s Tower.

Magic Cape: This will make Link invisible, but it also takes lots of magic. It is found in a cave near the Village of Outcasts.

Ether Medallion: This medallion freezes all enemies on the screen. It is found on Death Mountain.

Fire Rod: This rod shoots out fireballs. It is found in Level 3.

Flippers: Makes Link able to swim in deep water. These are found in Zora’s falls.

Flute: This makes Link’s journey A LOT easier. It is found in the Haunted Grove.

Fire Shield: This shield protects you from fireballs. It’s found in the Waterfall of Wishing.

Green armor: Link starts out with it.

Magic Hammer: It is found in Level 1. I’m not goin’ in to how you use it:)

Hookshot: This is found in Level 2. It will get Link over large holes or kill enemies.

Ice Rod: Same as fire rod, only it shoots ice. It is found in a cave east of Lake Hylia.

Lantern: Used to light torches. It is in a treasure chest in Link’s House.

Magic Powder: Sprinkle it on a variety of things. Get it from the Witch’s house after you give her the Mushroom.

Book of Mudora: It is in the Library. Now you can read the language of the Hylian People.

Mushroom: give it to whoever wants it. It is found in the Lost Woods.

Bug Catching net: This has a variety of uses. It is found in Kakariko Village.

Pegasus Boots: Link can run at incredible speeds. After you get the first pendant, talk to the old man near the East Palace.

Power Glove: Now Link can lift stones. The glove is in Level 2.

Quake Medallion: When you use the medallion, the ground will shake and will transform certain enemies. It is found in the “circle of stones” just NE of where the witch house is Supposed to be. (dark world)

Magic Boomerang: Just like the old one only better. It’s at the waterfall of wishing.

Red armor: Cuts Link’s damage in half again. It’s in Ganon’s Tower.

Shield: Link starts out with it.

Shovel: DIG! DIG! DIG! Located in the Haunted Grove (dark world)

Staff of Somaria: Located in Level 6. It creates magic blocks that can be used for many things.

Super Bomb: Get it in the Bomb shop and take it to the pyramid of power…

Titan’s Mitt: this is a stronger version of the power glove. It’s found in Level 4.