Cheats & Codes

Sent in by The Paladin
You know the monsters that live in almost every dungeon that look like floating skulls with four red balls circling around the skull part (If he hits you he takes life and magic power)? I don’t know what his name is but if you use the magic powder on him he will turn into a faerie! You can’t beat him any other way, that and you can get faeries easily in the dungeons this way.

Sent in by tdopp
Frozen moving enemies- Freeze an enemy, stand north of him, throw the red boomerang north, pick up the frozen enemy before the boomerang returns, then stand still until the boomerang returns. The enemy will be knocked out of Link’s arms, and after a few seconds he will begin moving. The enemy can now walk over some things and walk into chasms.

Transparent Link- In the dark world, capture a fairy in a bottle, then let Link’s life meter get down to a third of a heart (the bouncing skulls take away a third of a heart when they hit you). Stand north of a bomb-tossing giant, swipe down at him with your sword, and when he throws a bomb north at you, use ether magic when the bomb is right next to Link. If it works, Link will be revived by the fairy and will look like he’s a ghost. Using the map or magic, or going into a building or cave will make Link look normal again.

There are some paths that are invisible, usually going across a chasm. If you want to see the invisible path, get as close to it as possible, and use the magic of Ether (the freezing magic). While the spell is being used, the invisible pathway will become visible.

Sent in by Jarod CANAL
in the world of light, when you have dried the water around the temple south of link’s house, you will see a fish jumping on the ground. Get it and go on the upward screen to throw the fish into water, the fish will thank you and give you a red ruby.

Sent in by Magus
The Good bee is in cave where you get the ice rod. Dash the faerie statue and the bee will come out. The bee never goes away as long as you capture him again before you exit a screen.

The Chicken lady- I figured this secret in a week after I bought the game. I was just messing around with the Magic Powder. Go to the village. In the left house with the patrolling lady, go in her house. One of the pots holds a chicken. Throw magic dust on it and it turn into a lady.(The green guys in light world near the witches hut turn into hotdogs, and soldiers turn into a sand bag.

Stealing money- In the other house with the patrolling lady, pull on the picture on the wall for a while and money will spill out if you are real lucky you could get the red rupees.

Quick Life:Go to Kakariko Village. Find the lady sweeping her doorstep. Sprinkle Magic Powder on her, and she will turn into a fairy.

Magic Cape Trick: you can get the cape after getting the pegasus boots by going into the darkworld and you can walk up to where the tombstone to get the cape is located then use the magic mirror to go into the light world and ram the tombstone.

Game Genie Codes
Code Description
AE6E-DF2A Infinite Energy
AE6E-DF2A Almost all energy
CB22-DD85+4D22-DDE5 Hearts restore full life.
AE8A-D4FA+AE8D-OD9A Infinite Magic
AE8A-D4FA Almost infinite magic.
AE6A-DF2A All injuries are fatal.
AE67-0D30 Infinite bombs
AEA8-D4FA Walk thru anything vertically.
AEA8-D49A A step in any direction will make you jump.
45B8-D49A No charge for dash.
AE67-DF2A Screws up the item sounds.
256C-6D04 Your sword looks like a flower when you swing it and your hookshot looks funny.
376C-AF04 This one glitches the graphics.
AEEC-A586 Shops don’t take money.
1122-DD85+1122-DDE5 Hearts and fairies don’t give you life!
55B8-D49A No dash
376C-ADD4 Red tint
376C-ADA4 The landscape is shifted (graphical change only)
376C-A4D4 The interiors of buildings change
376C-AD64 Hear the flute!
EE22-0FFA Always appear to be walking in water when outside.
2560-6DD4 Leaf-covered Link.
2565-6D04 Alters Link’s sword’s appearance.
25D2-6D04 Link has no neck.
25D7 6D04 Enemy appears incomplete.
C5D7-6D04 Enemy graphics glitch.
34DC-6DO4 Alters world appearance, and makes enemies invincible. If you enter caves, pits, or certain buildings it will freeze the game.
AA34-6D04 Some colors change when going up or down to a different floor in a building or caverns.
256E-6D04 Alters land and Link’s graphics.
256F-6D04 Slightly alters land and Link’s graphics.
256D-6D04 Link looks like a walking block of colors with normal sword and shield.
526D-6D04 Link looks like a walking block of colors with normal sword and shield, and he has no bottom half.
156D-6D04 or 556D-6D04 Except for Link’s sword, shield, and shadow, Link is invisible outside of buildings and caves.
526D-D4FA Throw big and little stones a full screen’s length. Jumping from ledges will freeze the game.
526D-AF04 Shadow glitch
526D-AD64 Arrow glitch
156D-D49A Minor glitch fun
34DA-6D04 Sword glitch
14DC-6D04 Interior of buildings glitch
74DC-6D04 Graphics glitch (interior)
34D2-6D04 Link graphics glitch
54D2-6D04 Winged Link (can’t fly)
AE85-D4FA Can’t use any item except the sword and hammer
366C-DF04 No sound
EE2C-0FFA Swim on land after getting in deep water that is surrounded by
land that is at the same level with the water. A hit will make Link walk again.
526D-0FFA Walk on water and air. Don’t do the sword special attack, or use the hookshot, or Link will freeze until the Effects switch is turned off and then on. If you try to jump from a ledge you will find it easiest to turn off the Effects switch before you do or Link will jump very slowly. If you get in the water and press a certain button Link will walk on water. If you use the sword special attack, once Link is unfrozen, he will have to go to a different screen to be able to use the regular sword attack again.
156D-6D04 or 556D-6D04 Invisible Link
AE8A-D4FA Start game with all items except sword
8A67-6E4B Bats need 4 hits to take off a full heart
AE67-DF2A Strange sounds
0067-0D30 Weird bomb effect: At first it seems like this just makes it so that you cannot lay bombs. Whenever you try nothing appears, and your count does not go down. With further investigation you see that continually laying these imaginary bombs causes the game to go into slow mode. Here is when the fun stuff happens. Try turning off the effects switch and laying a few bombs. No big deal, right? Now lay a bomb and turn the effects on before the bomb goes off. What comes of this? Nothing more than a harmless explosion. Now lay a bomb again and an explosion cloud will appear where the last bomb was. Now you can just mess around with that cloud. It changes its appearance when you do stuff. For example, for a little while it as made up of little Zelda heads or whatever your character was and the would turn with you turned and so on. There was also a few weird affects such as instead of a whole character all you could see was a floating shield.
AE6C-0D30 Flute plays when you lay a bomb: The screen will go blank and when it finishes playing you will hear music.
E6AE-0DED This makes the game play random sounds and music after the little nintendo flash at the title screen. It plays thunder and fire sounds, the castle theme, and others. Only problem is the game blacks out.
AE6A-DF2A Weak Link
EE22-0FFA Always walk in water, in world surface, on normal ground.