Boycott Lowes

They are making it a requirement to fax permission for websites to link back to or use linkable images back to Example:

If I wanted to link to on, I would need to fill out & fax a form to their lawyers.

For obvious reasons this is bad and I will now link to on my front page in a funny and creative way. Here is the relevant news article and comments.

Thank you to some guy in the comments page who provided me the PileOPoo image used in this post.

Thank you google image search for providing the logo for so I don’t have to bother going to to snag it myself.

Why Restaraunt Websites Suck (mostly)

So I went to the Worden’s site looking for daily specials. By default I have JavaScript turned off and I was greeted with a mostly blank page. I emailed them and told them to fix it. They emailed the webmaster who sent this:

Someone attempted to use your website with a script blocker activated.  It is possible to block websites from loading  scripts such as Javascript.  Your website requires scripts to be loaded in order to deliver all the content.  The average user does not know how to block scripts so this normally isn’t a issue.  99% of all websites use some form of scripting so if the person who sent the message is blocking scripts, they will be running into this issue on almost every website they visit.

In short, I wouldn’t worry about it unless you receive several messages from different users with this complaint.

We have never had this problem before or since, so it sounds about right.

I know I’m in the 1%, but come on! JS is for pretty stuff NOT displaying ALL of a site’s content, which came from a database.

After enabling JS all was well, except:

Menus should be in the CMS (when possible) and downloadable as PDFs, and both should be linked from the top bar.

The specials calendar is blank.

That cute little flash thing with the logo and links on it takes up most of my screen on my work computer. 1024*768.

Small grey on white text. This needs to go, it’s everywhere!

Fuck you Nintendo

So I want to sell my Wii that has been gathering dust for a long time. I thought those few wii+games fsVirtual Console games would add to its sell value and bring enjoyment of classics to some kid who doesn’t know what ‘Zelda II’ is.

Nope, rather than buyer & seller benefiting from this, I risk my personal or financial information that is tied to this device through the Shop account. If I delete this account, the games go too. If I do not delete the Shop account, the next user can see all my receipts in the shop account. These things are nobody’s business but mine and Nintendo’s.

wii+games fsSince I don’t want such information being made ‘public’ I deleted the shop account and formatted the memory. I will only buy games/movies/music on disk unless it’s a streaming service; since there I know I’m ‘renting’. No iTunes for me! I recommend everyone do the same whenever possible.

So who wants to buy my Wii?

Dual Screens for Fun & Profit

Ok maybe not profit, unless I start selling character names from D2 on one screen while I play on the other. 🙂

The closest I ever got to dual monitors was having 2 old desktop computers, 2 old 19 inch CRTs, and 4 copies of D2. 🙂 Did I mention summer & no AC? I’m surprised anything worked!

This setup is much cooler: one old 3.0ghz computer that’s been given more RAM, Windows 7 & a new video card. No more CRTs! 🙂

I don’t know yet how this will help/hurt my work. So far I have a hard time following the mouse between screens but I suppose this takes getting use to. I may check if it’s possible to play a sound when moving between monitors and having the desktop show on both so I can hopefully move task buttons around.

Right now the mouse goes to the 2nd monitor when it touches the left side of the screen but I may change that if I can’t get use to it. I use the keyboard to switch windows mostly but then sometimes the task order confuses me so I switch to mouse.


lighthouse wallpaper on 2 screens
This is me not working!
D2s in plain sight
If D2 runs on it, it's OK to have.
ftp, code, shell, browsers
If I can read the screen without sticking my face on it, it's OK to have.


My first wordpress theme

It’s done! There’s a demo with the unit test data at the Theme URI. Also, facebook & tweet buttons don’t validate. 🙁 Here’s the notes for it:

This file last modified: 3/27/11.

Theme Name: darkbasic
Theme URI:
Description: Simple blue, dark gray and black theme with 1 sidebar and no artsy stuff. This theme supports widgets and custom menus.
Author: luna
Author URI:
Version: 1.0

License: GNU General Public License v2.0
License URI:


-This is my first theme and I’m late to the CMS party. 🙂 Please bring issues to my attention as I’m still learning.
-Print styles included in style.css.
-editor-style.css copied from the 2010 theme.
-I’m not exactly sure what the point of post_thumbnails is, but it’s supported.
-This theme supports menus natively.
-There’s room for facebook & tweet buttons in footer.php using id: div#likeme.
-Tried to validate as much as possible for XHTML 1.0 Strict.


-Comment_form() does not validate because of attribute ‘aria-required’. Hope it becomes standard…
-Large images that use the max-width & height rules look cruddy in IE.
-Links that are in .post p a will not have the gray hover background most other links have. Unaligned uncaptioned linked images in the same class will have a gray background on hover. Getting rid of margins/padding/borders will still leave a ~3px gray hover. The only other solution I got working was to set display: block;, which isn’t what I wanted. This is commented in the style.css.
-No translations done, I don’t understand enough of the documentation to do it, and know no other languages. Text domain issues in single.php, page.php, index.php.