WordPress theme fixed

Fixed an issue with posting multiple gallery posts. Instead of the pictures lining up like

They line up like this:
= = =
= = =

This theme now supports header images above the blogname text. 2000*288. Headers can be configured at the Appearances menu.

This theme was submitted to the repo and It was approved! Download link available now.

Demo available at

WordPress theme is now in the repo!

First one, woot 🙂

My first wordpress theme

It’s done! There’s a demo with the unit test data at the Theme URI. Also, facebook & tweet buttons don’t validate. 🙁 Here’s the notes for it:

This file last modified: 3/27/11.

Theme Name: darkbasic
Theme URI:
Description: Simple blue, dark gray and black theme with 1 sidebar and no artsy stuff. This theme supports widgets and custom menus.
Author: luna
Author URI:
Version: 1.0

License: GNU General Public License v2.0
License URI:


-This is my first theme and I’m late to the CMS party. 🙂 Please bring issues to my attention as I’m still learning.
-Print styles included in style.css.
-editor-style.css copied from the 2010 theme.
-I’m not exactly sure what the point of post_thumbnails is, but it’s supported.
-This theme supports menus natively.
-There’s room for facebook & tweet buttons in footer.php using id: div#likeme.
-Tried to validate as much as possible for XHTML 1.0 Strict.


-Comment_form() does not validate because of attribute ‘aria-required’. Hope it becomes standard…
-Large images that use the max-width & height rules look cruddy in IE.
-Links that are in .post p a will not have the gray hover background most other links have. Unaligned uncaptioned linked images in the same class will have a gray background on hover. Getting rid of margins/padding/borders will still leave a ~3px gray hover. The only other solution I got working was to set display: block;, which isn’t what I wanted. This is commented in the style.css.
-No translations done, I don’t understand enough of the documentation to do it, and know no other languages. Text domain issues in single.php, page.php, index.php.

Move Complete

Almost everything is now in a WordPress db. If I screwed something up feel free to say something. Still working on pictures and will either make or find a theme.