path of exile

More Hideouts & Less Filters

When I finish a hideout it’ll be uploaded to as a .hideout file with the name lunaz-<tileset>.hideout.

So far have desert & baleful done!

I have less time to do the loot filters now cuz there are so many changes every patch & neversink keeps up way better than me. I’m using the slick color scheme switching between semi strict, strict, uberstrict.

path of exile

Updated loot filters for 3.8 Blight league

but won’t be able to test til later this month since I can’t play POE on my phone…..

path of exile

Lunaz’s lootfilter(s) for hoarders [3.5 always WIP]

I try to keep things pretty close to the original game colors, sorting by ilvl drops & map tiers.

I’m a hoarder so I still pick up wisdom scrolls at lvl 90 & most every rare, I have a strict version also that hides all but high base type rares, hides low currency.




fixed some stuff!

-stole neversink’s list of good cards + uniques, ty neversink!
-fixed some quest items not being colorful
-deleted pantheon map highlights since i forget them in 30 sec anyways

-removed corrupted item section, most of it was junk
-added a couple missing currencies
-lvl 18+ gems have border
-shelder items have xtra effects for ‘good’ bases
-so do uniques
-so do rares (updated)
-rare jewelery & belts ilvl 60+ has small map icon & beam
-got rid of most of the white craftable things cuz it was filling up my delve screens.
-delve/incursion/bestiary named mods are listed
-fixed the warbands section by mod name since they drop id’d now!
-added some good prophecy names with borders
-added scarabs & veiled items

-reorganized filter blocks & made some changes to good rare bases & crafting sections
-added beams to quest items cuz I forgot to pick up some on last character
-fated uniq bases have purple border

-updated for DELVE!
-redid map section
-QoL changes to reduce sounds & find currency in party play but hopefully *didn’t overdo the beams & icons!
-hi tier div cards have a beam

-fixed a bug where splinter of uul-NETul showed up like a net
-trying out the DisableDropSound thing

-maps that have pantheon upgrades have a blue background
-shaper/elder items are big with big sounds
-abyss belts are in the new base type, jewels are big
-added elder orb to the quest item section
-added “Net” to the high but not mirror currency section until further notice
-war of the atlas shaped maps have a pink border & different sound
-pre war of the atlas shaped maps still work the way they use to (like a map of x tier)
-warband magic items show at ilvl 75+ if you press show item key

-added Charan’s Sword to the new base type sections

12/8/17 ABYSS
-added section for divine vessel maps by tier
-updated chance bases
-added abyss items, shaper/elder items

-added some weapons to the good rare bases & hi craftables
-added new background color to maps that can be used with divine vessels including shaped (i tested it)
-expanded & colored possible warband (magic) drops to match each element (red blu green yellow)

-fixed bug with bows & sextants not showing sometimes….
-changed some sounds for different item types to be similar using sounds 2-16
-upped the ilvl of white craftables to 84+
-added new harbinger stuff

-Fixed a couple bugs with currency & essences not showing up haha. I decided to keep the leaguestones pink since they are corrupted anyway.

-redid the flask section since the high lvl & hybrid ones weren’t showing! 🙁
-renamed the breach filter to strict, same as the other one only it hides most rares & all low currency.
-fully linked items & 4L weapons & armor show all the time now cuz I started playing HC sometimes… 🙂
-high lvl ammy/ring/belt & new bases are easier to see
-added leaguestones in pink until further notice since i thought they were like sacrifice pieces not normal/magic items!! 🙁
-not sure what do do about relics yet since it wasn’t listed in the GGG post.

–added a BREACH DOMAIN filter! It hides all normal magic & most rares except ammys belts & rings. Still shows the sockets/maps/currency like the other filter.

-Updated it for the new Breach league, warbands are off by default gain, new base types show like regular items again,

-I changed the currency back to the default color since less white stuff shows.

Changed the 6 sockets & 5 links to look like chroms (6 links NEVER drop)

-Updated AGAIN! I think all the maps are working now.

-i got a bunch of the map tiers wrong, now they should be all right including shaped ones. Organized by low/mid/hi tiers (white/yellow/red)

-fixed some missing map sounds & added the new bases to show up in bigger font

-forgot to turn on the cards for challenges, fixed it 🙂

-fixed some typos in map names

-Updated again for Atlas, still in testing tho 🙂 I made some color changes & size changes, took off a couple sounds, may end up undoing it all later, but trying to keep away from rainbows 🙂 Also not sure about the essence drops yet but will probably put them in another currency category instead of default

-updated for prophecy with quality of life changes!

-updated for talismans 🙂

-fixed sounds for 6 sockets, fixed colors for warband drops, fixed sounds for good currency drops

-More updates! my IMPORTANT section is there cuz I’m looking for linked stuff in my colors all the time…

RELEASE 4/4/15
-highlights stuff I usually miss cuz I can’t see 🙂
-small chromatics
-20% quality
-currency with rarer stuff bigger
-fully linked stuff until end merc early maps
-4 linked 2 handed, bows, armors until end merc early maps
-5+ links & 6 sockets
-high lvl/tier base items for crafting
-flasks highlight high quality w/ sound, mid quality w/o sound, hide low lvl ones
-warbands blue items disabled by default
-chaos fodder, regal fodder, ilvl 80+ rares have white/yellow/red borders
-maps have white/yellow/red borders for low/mid/hi tier maps (1-6; 7-11; 12-16)
-cards have big font if it’s for the challenge
-lab items are green like quest items; offerings & keys are shown like map fragments
-2×4 rares have a dark purple background so it’s easy to skip those
-magic & white items are hidden unless really low or hi lvl